GT CNC Omni-Cruise Control


CNC Omni-Cruise – Made in the U.S.A.

Universal Motorcycle Cruise Control / Throttle Lock

  • Installs and comes off in 6 seconds with gloves on – One size fits EVERY BIKE* YOU WILL EVER OWN
  • At 1/4″ wide the OMNI-CRUISE takes up LESS GRIP SPACE than any other on-grip product on the market
  • Utility Thumb Lever for flipping 180* out of the way quickly for bikes with close proximity plastics and windshields and provides an ergonomical thumb activation.
  • Body CNC’d from premium 6061 USA-made billet aluminum – Completely weather-proof
  • Pivot nut made from 7075 premium grade Aluminum
  • Lower Slide (contacts brake lever) CNC’d from Acetol to prevent wear on lever
  • Plastic Thumb Knob on Stainless Steel screw allows easy adjustment with gloves on WITHOUT REMOVING YOUR HAND FROM THE THROTTLE
  • Stainless Hardware with high end Brazilian 17-7 Stainless spring washers
  • 1 year warranty

For details see the OMNI-CRUISE LIFETIME GUARANTEE – “Shhhh. It Happens” 1/2 price replacement warranty. If you ever destroy the OMNI-CRUISE via accident, stupidity, doesn’t matter how… they will replace it for half price.

See the video HERE on YouTube

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