PC-V/AT300/GT-Rx 5AM/7SM ECU Flash Tool

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Power Commander V w/AutoTune-300 & GT-Rx® ECU Programmer

This is Power Commander’s fully dynamic system; Fuel corrections in real time for every second the engine is running, from idle to redline. Includes the AutoTune-300’s dual Bosch wide band sensors to replace the OEM narrow band sensors. THIS OFFERS REAL-TIME DYNAMIC MAPPING FOR EACH CYLINDER, FOR EVERY SECOND THE BIKE IS RUNNING. Our ECU Re-Flash allows the PC-V/AT-300 full map access, and includes Timing revisions for cold start and pre-ignition (detonation). Info on the complete kit click >HERE<

On the 1400, note that the “map” selections on the bike have nothing to do with fueling, and also note that the stock fuel system is NOT dynamic/adaptable like most assume it is. The maps are purely a power to the rear wheel limitation via traction control, in which we tweak these tables as well. If you want the most crisp throttle response, cooler running and significant POWER INCREASES, this is the only combo that will deliver.

We are NOW shipping with a Black Box Touch-Screen Re-Programmer for your ECU with this selection (see Gallery image). The Programmer is one bike/ECU specific, and will allow you to re-flash back to stock, or back to our preset map as many times as you’d like. Here’s how it works, plug in the Flash Tool and read your ECU. Using a supplied Windows (only) program, you will save the ECU file to your computer, and send to us to revise. We will send it back for you to upload to the tool, and flash your ECU.

Fits ALL Modern Big Block CARC Guzzi (not Bellagio) with dual 02-Sensors: 5AM -OR- 7SM (California 1400) ECU. Choose your selection below via Options:


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6 reviews for PC-V/AT300/GT-Rx 5AM/7SM ECU Flash Tool

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephen M

    I had Todd re-flash my California 1400 ECU and I have installed the PC-V and Autotune 300. I installed the GT-Rx crossover replacement. I have an open-lid air box. I am currently on a road trip with my 78 year old mother as pillion, and we are 1500km into the ride. Todd told me that I would be happy with the results, but the results have exceeded my expectations.
    By the time I had left my own driveway, the smooth response at low rpm was obvious. Instead of feathering the clutch and applying some rear brake to make a safe exit, I simply rode out at 15kmh with no more snatching or jerkiness. Throttle transitions from trailing to just a touch of power are smooth, precise and easy. On the first day of the ride, I took my mother up a mountain, with the final kilometre a steep, eroded, rocky trail. My 1200GS needed 30kmh in first to make enough torque to pull up this trail when loaded up. The 1400 handled it between 15-20kmh, smooth and steady. On the road, the extra punch in the midrange is immediately obvious. I have laughed out loud all over again punting the bike from sea level to 1200m on this trip. I am delighted with the results, and impressed with the quality of Todd’s products. The 1400 continues to delight as I discover the range and depth of its abilities. The fuelling mods Todd has made available have substantially enhanced the bike’s performance. I am one satisfied customer.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve gone through a full tank of gas since GT installed their fueling system magic on my California 1400. All I can say is WOW! I’m still running the stock exhaust so I might not have the gains that one would get with Todd’s GT-Rx exhaust system but the bike has been transformed. Previously, I had to keep it above 3000 RPM at all times because it didn’t fuel properly below that and would surge and stumble. Now, she pulls strongly and the engine seems to have less vibration and it just hauls ass. As an added benefit, fuel mileage has increased dramatically! I would average around 34 MPG prior to the mods. This last tank was a mix of freeway and curves in the hills and city riding. 43 MPG! Service was awesome. If you have the dough, you can’t afford NOT to do this.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bart B (verified owner)

    I just had the GT-Rx Full Kit installed on my California 1400. I have a set of Agostini mufflers. The bike did nothing but snap crackle pop going downhill and between shifts. It was extremely annoying. Now that is completely gone, and the fueling is spot on. No more pre and post detonation. Todd’s service and products are fantastic. I am 100% satisfied.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Don Garcia

    I was riding into work today and it struck me that this system has been in my Stelvio for over a year and it runs perfectly. On other bikes, I’ve spent more than a year, and collectively more money searching for the perfect map in the cycle of tweak-dyno-tweak. Dollar for dollar this system delivers right out of the box. Money well spent. I’d do it again.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Mathieu

    Thanks to Todd for all the parts, advice, and personal tuning session to bring my Guzzi into perfect tune. Three long rides last year confirmed it. From Vancouver WA to Jackson Hole WY two-up in the April cold, then in August two trips to LA and back in the Summer heat, again two up, putting the bike through a lot in Idaho where legal speeds are marked 80 mph, that motor worked hard and never sweat no matter what we put it through and still managed getting between 34 and 44 mpg depending on speed, terrain and elevation… just sells your products on their own merit. Good Health to all and keep the shiny side up. — John and Mike Mathieu.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Wilson (verified owner)

    This, by far, is the best thing I’ve purchased for my California! I cannot tell you how much better the bike starts, idles, responds, ect than it did before! Not only do the parts do what they are advertised to do, Todd is excellent in his knowledge about not only the bike but the products he sells! His customer service is second to none & if you have any questions or issues (I had an installation issue, my own fault), Todd is super quick to respond & his knowledge of everything is just plain awesome. I have a custom exhaust & open air box & have asked for a few other changes & he’s helped in any way he can. My bike used to pop uncontrollably on decel, now it doesn’t do it at all! It starts right up on cold starts & starts quicker than it ever has on warm starts too. If you have a 1400, this is a must have item for your bike! The bike is now not only rideable, it’s what the bike should have been from the factory! Mileage (if you can keep out of the throttle!) & power are up, temp is down & I can’t say enough good things about this! I was hesitant at 1st but was at the point where I was so sick of the bike stalling on cold starts, bucking at low rpm & low speeds & decel poping that I had put my stock parts back on to stop the poping & was seriously considering selling it. After reading other reviews, I figured I’d give this a shot before throwing on the towel. Now, all the performance parts are back on & not only are those issues gone, it has more power than it ever did, it’s a pleasure to ride & will beat up on a lot of those other v-twins! If you’re in the Midwest & want to see the difference, I’ll gladly show it off! If you’re even thinking of getting one, stop thinking & DO IT!

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