GT V7 Oil Cap Tool

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GT V7 Oil Cap Tool

Toss this in your tool pouch for easy on/off of your V7 oil cap. The oil cap requires extreme tightness else it will loosen and leak or fall out. A GuzziTech exclusive design.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    aarongmarsh (verified owner)

    As many V7’s (I-III’s) as Guzzi has sold, that’s how many of these tools GuzziTech should have sold — plus several for every shop out there that works on them. This is an inexpensive tool you will instantly appreciate once you get it.

    The V7s’ oil filler cap is this little hard plastic thing that looks like an asterisk that’s pretty much impossible to loosen using just your fingers, since it has to be on there pretty tight and you really can’t get a grip on it. And you should be checking your oil level regularly. Before I got this, I tried using things like padded pliers (didn’t work for crap) or used channel pliers padded with a cloth, rag, etc. so as not to chew up the oil filler cap, which is easy to do.

    That’s what I did the last time I opened the cap before I got this tool. Freaking plier slipped a tiny bit and guess what happened? I knocked a little chip in the engine’s flat black paint. Okay, just a little thing, but I was furious. I hate every tiny scratch that ever happens to my girl (a 2016 V7 II Stone).

    Now that I have this, that won’t happen ever again. This is a small enough tool that I can keep it under the seat in my tool pouch and just grab it anytime I want to check the oil. It’s nicely machined and an impeccable fit.

    Do yourself a favor right now if you have a V7: pony up 15 bucks right now that will be very well spent. Honestly, MG should include these with the bikes as they leave the factory.

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