GT V7 – V7 II Sato Rear Sets


Sato Racing V7 & V7 II C-S Rear-Sets

Fits ’09-15 V7 ALL models and NOW V7 II (Shipping Spring 2016)! Sato has been a long standing company offering an impressive array of CNC parts and related. We can get ANY Sato Racing part.

Fully adjustable. Positions in relation to stock V7C/S:

  1. V7: 85mm Back – 5mm Up — V7 II: 82.5mm Back – 7.5mm Up
  2. V7: 85mm Back – 15mm Up — V7 II: 82.5mm Back – 22.5mm Up
  3. V7: 92mm Back – 10mm Up — V7 II: 95mm Back – 22.5mm Up
  4. V7: 98mm Back – 15mm Up
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