PC-V/AT200/GT-Rx ECU Flash Tool

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Power Commander V w/AutoTune-200 & GT-Rx® ECU Re-flash Tool

This is Power Commander’s fully dynamic system; corrects in real time for every second the engine is running, from idle to redline. Includes the AutoTune-200 – w/one Bosch wide band 02-sensor to replace the OEM narrow band 02-sensor. THIS OFFERS REAL-TIME DYNAMIC MAPPING FOR EACH CYLINDER, FOR EVERY SECOND THE BIKE IS RUNNING. Our ECU Re-Flash allows the PC-V/AT full map access, and includes Timing revisions for cold start and pre-ignition (detonation). Info on the complete packages click >HERE<

We NOW include a touch-screen Re-Programmer Box for your ECU with this selection. The Programmer is one bike/ECU specific, and will allow you to re-flash back to stock, or back to our preset map as many times as you’d like. Here’s how it works, plug in the Flash Tool and read your ECU. Using a supplied Windows (only) program, you will save the ECU file to your computer, and send to us to revise. We will send it back for you to upload to the tool, and flash your ECU.

Fits most ALL single sensor Guzzi models, select Options below. 15M/RC (Cal 11 ALL, Quota, V11S, 09-12 V7 ALL), 5AM is most ALL single 02-sensor CARC Big Blocks, including the Bellagio.


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2 reviews for PC-V/AT200/GT-Rx ECU Flash Tool

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roger Harrison

    It seems all US Guzzi’s run lean, probably due to EPA limits. I live in Tucson where you REALLY don’t want an air-cooled bike to run too hot. After install I noticed the bike runs cooler and has more roll-on power. You will suffer some MPG but you will have perfect fueling at ever position of the throttle and every RPM. Todd’s instructions are perfect with play-by-play photos. Todd’s support ethic earns a blue ribbon! I must have emailed him 20 times throughout the install and usually received replies within minutes.

    I installed this on a 2007 Norge.
    Evap canister removed
    K&N Air filter
    GuzziTech CNC Airbox lid

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve got 2015 Griso 8V which I liked in the stock trim just fine – it’s a good
    bike with good engine. Or so I thought until ECU refresh and
    PC-V + Autotune treatment.

    Now I have a different bike, the one which does not bog down
    between 3500 and 5000 rpm, one which pulls out of the corner in
    4th smoothly and eagerly, one which does not feel like it is about
    to die every time you leave it idle in neutral. All in all, I’m kicking myself
    to waiting for almost a year before doing this.

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