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  2. Ciao Guest, We've completed the split of this website from our custom bike builds and products to our sister site; You may need a new username and password to get into the new GTM Store system - pending and past order info is available there. is now a secure site (https), and may require you to sign in again using your same password. We are back to our origins here with the Forum and Resources only. As always, zero tolerance on personal attacks and off-site links to other Forums or competing products. Note there's decades of hands-on Guzzi-experience on this site, that give endless amounts of their time for free - be courteous. For those who are new here, the owner of this site (Todd - GT-Rx) has been immersed in Guzzis since 1999. He's raced and wrenched for two-thirds of his life, both Pro dirt-track and road-race, and contributed to Cycle World Magazine 2000-2007. He began Guzzi dyno performance modifying and fuel tuning in 2001, and has been wrenching them full time since 2007. His GT MotoCycles Performance and Service workshop has been open for ~4 years in Orange, CA. We do not have a phone number for this site or GTM, we're online only... do not ask us to call you. Click on the Service tab above for more info or to book an appointment -- it is not a retail shop to visit. If you're in L.A., you can come sample our work with our rental fleet - click the image link above. In a few short years will hit the 20 year mark of providing advice and tech tips for free. Understand that this is a privately paid for website, not a free social media platform littered with ads to help pay for it. Donations appreciated via the Account upgrade (see Site Support section below) or the Donate tab above, which unlocks all of the content here along with the Classifieds, Ask the Wrench sections and our seasonal discount notices. Thank you for all of the continued support and contributions.
Jul 1, 2009
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    1. ArtemD

      My bike is in your registry - "VIN#ZGULDUB09HM000103 - Salvage - SoCal". Now it's in Kyiv, Ukraine. I'll add pictures to the thread as soon as I replace few spare parts - head covers, exhaust pipes (they are damaged).
      1. GT-Rx® likes this.
      2. GT-Rx®
        Great, thanks for the note.
        Oct 23, 2018
    2. Bulldog9
      Hey Todd,

      Just picked up a Stornello and am loving it. Just doing my 600 mile service.

      I was doing some research and saw in the past you had a cat eliminator pipe and a rear cap without the suppressor. Do you still have these available? Thanks

      1. GT-Rx®
        Aug 26, 2018
    3. ChupaThingy
      Todd, Thanks much for everything you do. Its priceless to have such a great resource, and great parts available. Working on a vintage restoration project (Ts 185) makes me realize how spoiled I am with my guzzi :)
      1. GT-Rx® likes this.
    4. shoe47
      Todd, just wanted to thank you again for the help with the Griso. Keep up the great work.
    5. Zazu
      Todd, I did the "moaning whale" fix on my 2014 Cali Custom on the weekend. I removed the components of the tip valve, ensured the line was clear, and left the intake plenum line in place. I'm still experiencing issues; feels like I'm riding in 6th gear at low speed, continues struggling for 2-3 minutes then jumps back to normal. Is it possible that removing the plenum line would improve the operation?

      1. GT-Rx®
        Dan, did you email me direct on this? Sorry, can't keep up with Forum postings. Email me direct if you can and haven't already; Todd at
        Jul 1, 2016
    6. njlefevr
      Please add my 2014 California to the registry. I purchased it on 6/4/14 from AF1 in Austin, TX. My VIN is ZGULVC001EM111914.
      Joe LeFevre
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    7. Carlos Campos Perera
      Carlos Campos Perera
      Hi Todd, i send you my data:

      V7 Classic 2011 - ZGULWC000BM115123 - Carlos E. Campos Perera - Mexico City - D.O.P. 12.13.13 i am the first owner
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