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  1. Harry in OZ

    Griso REGISTRY & Picture Thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    archercc I have a 2006 and your in trouble. Because these are just FUN to ride. Any chance and you be on it. Have fun buddy. Harry
  2. Harry in OZ

    Bellagio REGISTRY & Pic thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    Re: Bellagio pic thread The beginning of the "good bit" of the Oxley H'way (NSW Aust) ghezzi That is one good looking rear end. Harry in OZ
  3. Harry in OZ

    New Griso Owner - 2013 Black Devil

    Congrats on the new bike. Love the colour. Enjoy Harry
  4. Harry in OZ

    Funnels for motor, gearbox, and carc oil changes ?

    Hi ett It's only called commuting if you are using four wheels; if you're using two wheels it's called riding. Love that saying & how true. And if it's on a Griso it's all the better. Harry
  5. Harry in OZ

    Griso REGISTRY & Picture Thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    Re: Griso Picture Thread Hi bounty320i All I can say is nice Like the sump cover or what ever they call them, Harry
  6. Harry in OZ

    Plastic oil radiator grid sucks...

    Hi preifsny Great job looks like the original should have from the factory. Harry
  7. Harry in OZ

    It's that time :(

    Sold the Griso. End of the day riding a motocycle is about fun. If your neck is being aggravated and I know what that is like, another bike is needed. Have fun on the new one and stay safe buddy.You'll always be one of the Griso guys because you owned one. Shit load of people haven't :lol...
  8. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Hi peter I'll wait till you are home from holidays and arrange a ride to Bungendore. Many thanks Harry
  9. Harry in OZ

    It followed me home...

    Hi Mike Congrats on the bike. As Peter Roper said drop the fuel pump out and replace the hose, when I did my 2006 the hose just pulled off without loosing the clamps. Also check the rear of the motor at the clutch slave cylinder?. Here is were they are If they are normal bolts they need to be...
  10. Harry in OZ

    Griso REGISTRY & Picture Thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    Re: Griso Picture Thread My Griso on a top day at Kiama NSW south of Sydney Australia. Harry
  11. Harry in OZ

    Bought my first Moto Guzzi today

    Congrats You will now find your self addicted to all things Guzzi. Not a bad addiction really. :D Harry
  12. Harry in OZ

    Which Griso ?? Comments welcome

    Hi Luca I have the 1100 2v and its the best. The 8V I believe has the hit in the 6000-8000 rpm range. I'm an old fart and rarely ride there, and if i did I'd have no license. I'd say as above test ride both. As Hugzy said the 1100 is a bit jerky around town(transmission snatch) but I just live...
  13. Harry in OZ

    Should i do it??

    Griso's are the best in my opinion, power that you can use, handles great whether cruising or whipping around corners. And looks well just horn, my wife was OK, lets look at it. She seen it in real life and said buy it, it looks awesome. Go for it buddy you will not be disappointed. Harry...
  14. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Hi Peter Thanks for offer of help. But believe it or not I didn't check the site as I was re-greasing the swing arm & linkages. Wheel bearings had a hint of grease and the linkage next to none. All done. I didn't see the thin metal cover but I wasn't looking. I knocked over the CARK three times...
  15. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Hey Peter Not sure re the recall. Vin is ZGULS000X6M111712. I checked the info on this site: The frames concerned are those prior to: ZGULS…6M111954 for Griso 1100 - ZGULP...6M113250 for Breva 1100 So it looks like I need it to be done. Do I just ask the local dealer if it has been done or...
  16. Harry in OZ

    Greetings from Bahrain

    Hey John Nice bike. I have its little brother the 1100 and its a ball to ride. As a Mr Roper said and I call my by the same. It's a hoon tool which brings a smile to my face every time I ride it. Enjoy. No need for a lawn mower over there hey :D Harry in OZ
  17. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Hi Guys Did the fuel filter hose which some have said I should look at. Being a 2006 you'd have thought that the hose would have been fixed or come off before now even with only 6800 kms & 7 years old. Well it slid off the filter & pump without using any tools. Lucky I listened really closely to...
  18. Harry in OZ

    My buddy went down!

    Sorry here this. Shit happens to the best. All my best to family and friends. Tell him I just bought a Griso and he'll love when he's all recovered. Don't let it get you down, you have a mate who needs his spirits lifted. Harry
  19. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Thanks Guys No idea if the update of the ECU map was done Todd. Yes live about 200 odd klm's away from Peter Roper which may come in handy. Had someone mention on Wild Guzzi that the pipe on the bike may cause the jerkiness low down. Replaced the Giannelli exhaust with the original and wow...
  20. Harry in OZ

    Picked up 2006 Griso today

    Hi Guys Just picked up a 2006 Griso black in colour 6800 kms/4200miles on the clock. First owner put on 3000km and second owner put on the rest, occasional weekend blast he said. Thing is immaculate. My normal ride is a 1996 California which I like and still think is a great cruiser which...