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  1. DominoDoggy

    Radial Tire Thread

    I went and got myself a shiny new set of Conti Road Attack 3's installed, only to find the very next day that there will be Road Attack 4's very soon. Ah well, on the plus side my home town has decided to pave miles and miles of roads over this summer and I have lots of brand new road surfaces...
  2. DominoDoggy

    V100 Mandello Chat - H20

    I saw something about this today and KNEW this would be the place for the best info. I'm excited, I want a new Guzzi!
  3. DominoDoggy

    Any Guzzi riders in SW-VA or east TN ??

    I am near Johnson city
  4. DominoDoggy

    Corbin seat owners, please reassure me!

    I've put about 1500 miles on my Corbin seat, they definitely break in a little and get more comfortable. It's a real saddle. Makes longer distance rides a pleasure. For me the firmness level is just right. Pics in my profile if anyone wants to see it on my V7.
  5. DominoDoggy

    GTM V7 2>1 v2.0 Info & Installation info

    I have a bit of an odd question. I have invested in a Pit-Bull stand for my V7, and I love it. Is this 2-1 exhaust compatible with this stand? It doesn't appear to be, but I can't really tell and wanted to ask. Pit bull product code F0096-000, it has two forks that hold the bike up by the frame...
  6. DominoDoggy

    Evap removal from V7III

    I kept thinking, something has to be clogged. Can't get any less complex than a vent line, especially once I spliced out that one-way valve. I kept noticing all the lines packed behind the starter, I just kept not wanting to pull it off. Ah well, at least it is fixed now and wasn't expensive to...
  7. DominoDoggy

    Evap removal from V7III

    I figured that I should post this here, as it pertains to troubles that I originally attributed to the EVAP canister system on my bike. Earlier in the thread I mentioned where I disabled the EVAP system, plugged the vacuum line, removed the one-way valve, etc. The main issue I was having was, I...
  8. DominoDoggy

    GTM V7 Mk I-III 2>1 SS Exhaust System

    Oh I want a 820cc kit so bad! I keep thinking about it. There's so much I still want to do to this bike. 820 kit, the exhaust upgrade I've been discussing here, suspension upgrade, the bigger brake caliper upgrade... At some point I started thinking, why don't I just get a bigger bike? Well why...
  9. DominoDoggy

    GTM V7 Mk I-III 2>1 SS Exhaust System

    It looks like I have a choice to make. I want an aftermarket exhaust and am quickly narrowing it down to GTM offerings, but I'm torn on what I want. A 2-into-1 exhaust gives performance gains in the low to mid range which is honestly where I spend most of my time. But I love the sound and look...
  10. DominoDoggy

    V7 Tire Talk

    That is what I read, that they weren't too great in sand but sand is a different animal anyway. I don't want to get my V7 in sand or mud anyway, or really anything but roads in really great condition!
  11. DominoDoggy

    Horn... A little weak.

    I just replaced both horns on my '14 V7 Stone with a Wolo 300-2T and 305-2T (high and low tones). I purchased a relay to use if needed, but I don't think it is going to be necessary. The new horns are loud, my bike sounds like a typical mid-sized sedan horn, with dual notes and like I said, it's...
  12. DominoDoggy

    V7 Tire Talk

    They seem to do okay, and while I do like the look of the tires I don't like the ride all that well. These were the tires that came with the bike when I bought it, and seems the previous owner rode on gravel roads more than I. Personally, I kind of can't wait until I wear them out and have to...
  13. DominoDoggy

    Evap removal from V7III

    The city I live in doesn't have any emissions testing for passenger vehicles, automobiles included. Plus, I don't plan to live anywhere that doesn't specifically exempt motorcycles. In my region, the only law for motorcycle exhaust is "it must have a muffler" but other areas may be (are)...
  14. DominoDoggy

    Evap removal from V7III

    I disabled my EVAP, finally. I just plugged the vacuum line and replaced the one-way check valve with a splice fitting. The one-way valve was not operating properly, I don't think. When I removed the little check valve some really old dark yellow fuel escaped. Looked like it had been sitting...
  15. DominoDoggy

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    Figured that since I've been posting here for a few weeks, I should introduce myself and my bike. First Moto Guzzi I have ever seen, let alone owned. I bought it from the original owner, sold new at Sloan's in Murfreesboro TN. Vin EM200229. Started life as a 2014 V7 Stone, but I changed out the...
  16. DominoDoggy


    All right well, I'm excited! :party::inlove:
  17. DominoDoggy

    Evap removal from V7III

    I have a question or two about disabling the EVAP system on my '14 V7 Stone. The related hoses, as far as I can tell, consist of... 1) A vacuum line originating at the throttle body air ducting, supplying necessary suction, leading to the EVAP canister 2) A hose from the EVAP canister that...
  18. DominoDoggy

    GTM ECU V7 & V9 Flash Tool

    Right now I have stock exhaust with a remap (for stock exhaust). The stock exhaust is very quiet, but I don't dislike the sound. My bike definitely runs better with the remap; it was not a night and day difference when I first tried it after the remap, but after a good long test ride I just kind...
  19. DominoDoggy

    GTM ECU V7 & V9 Flash Tool

    I am only beginning to learn about the registration requirements of motorcycles, but with automobiles it varies widely from state to state, and even county to county within states. Obviously this is within the US. Where I live, they don't do emissions testing. In the county I just moved from...
  20. DominoDoggy

    Removing fuel line quick disconnect

    I did see your linked post, and reading it a few weeks ago is actually what helped me perform the task on my bike! That is one of the great benefits of a web forum, a helpful post someone took the time to write helps many people from that moment forward. When you wrote that post I didn't even...