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  1. GTM®

    Cal/audience 1400 front brake rotor specs

    Thanks, yes, I misread. I see now you said stock. I won’t list the Serie rotors until someone else confirms fitment, but I can get them for anyone willing to try them.
  2. GTM®

    Cal/audience 1400 front brake rotor specs

    Very welcome, thanks Ken. Do let me know if they fit as hoped once in, and I'll add them to the online Store.
  3. GTM®

    Cal/audience 1400 front brake rotor specs

    OK, I can source these at a good price if you are interested... and I can put them on the online Store for purchase. Since Brembo is NOT the OEM supplier, they most often will only show a listing for a model that their engineers have fitted in house. They do not take the time to cross-reference...
  4. GTM®

    2017 V9 7,000 miles - Just died

    If it turns out you need a ECU/TB, I have several brand new ones in stock; https://gtmotocycles.com/products/oem-guzzi-v9-throttle-body-ecu Do keep us posted. Larry, no need to make a blanket statement about “electronic crap” — You do realize the world you live in currently, correct? Modern...
  5. GTM®

    Cal/audience 1400 front brake rotor specs

    This is a ~12 year old thread. So, EDIT: It looks like the MD2003X could work, yes; ebcbrakesdirect.com/motorcycle/moto-guzzi/1400-california/2013-2015/50854 None of my vendors are showing stock on them. Additionally, EBC has the track record of being cheap OEM replacements, and their HH pads...
  6. GTM®

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    Congrats, welcome to the GT Forum & Guzzi Famiglia! Hope to see you here often.
  7. GTM®

    V7 carb conversion??

    2013+ single throttle body engines make this especially tough as it carries the Throttle Body/ECU for ignition, so removing it would mean no spark related to throttle position. So not that it can't be done, but is extra tough because of this. The ECU PDF is available in the DOWNLOADS section for...
  8. GTM®

    V7-850 Mods Thread

    Funny guy. Ha. So I’ve said this dozens of times here on the Forum, but once you get rid of those plug of mufflers off and fix the fueling, you’ll be amazed on how smooth things get. At least as smooth as a vibey V-Twin can be any way. Keep doing you though. It’s fun to see.
  9. GTM®

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    They are available, see pic below. If interested, ping me direct email via the CONTACT above. ;)
  10. GTM®

    V7 Clutch Cable R & R--HELP!

    John, they moved the arm to a much nicer and exposed position starting with the 2016 V7 Mk II, and it thankfully remains to date.
  11. GTM®

    rear wheel failure

    Tubeless wheels like Kineo and Alpina are typically factory laced in a jig. I imagine the stock TT wheels are the same. Same with the earlier Cal EV (German) BEHR wheels. They are not typically user serviceable. All said, Scott has a valid point. If the tires have been changed from stock, it's a...
  12. GTM®

    V7 Clutch Cable R & R--HELP!

    It was the correct part # I believe. Check the bag, should be # 2B001201
  13. GTM®

    V7 Clutch Cable R & R--HELP!

    Hi Alex, best to install the transmission side first, then remove the lever from the perch to install. It cannot be done otherwise. There's likely some YouTube videos online on the process with other models if you care to search.
  14. GTM®

    V11 Argal Adjustable Foot Controls

    Thanks for the follow up post. I've never seen them installed. MUCH simpler and robust design over the stock set up. You may have to revise the length and positioning of the shifter arm on the trans and length of the shifter rod.
  15. GTM®

    Taking the plunge again

    Thanks Brian. As mentioned above, put some thought into the future consideration of adding the PC & AutoTune.
  16. GTM®

    How do I find the GTM app for my Android Phone on this site? (a.k.a., Am I Stupid or Just Old or Both?)

    Hi Pete, sorry no, no such thing exists unless you mean the app for the flash tool? If so, you won't need it. I’m not an Android person, so perhaps it was just a link to the Forum? I don’t believe there is any special viewing option like Tapatalk or similar with this site. Hope that helps.
  17. GTM®

    Power Commander-V & AT-300 Install How-To for your California 1400

    Left. Yellow and white wires go to the right injector.
  18. GTM®

    V7 850 special, seat covering deteriorating?

    SoCal sun is brutal. Buy a bike cover for it's time sitting long in the sun. For the seat, OCM *might* help you if you were super nice to them during the purchase. Otherwise, Piaggio will mostly deny 'wear and tear' items such as the seat unfortunately. While I have your attention, check your...
  19. GTM®

    rear wheel failure

    Cal, man! So sorry to see and hear this! Hope you heal well and fast. One more thing to keep an eye on for those here and bikes in my shop.
  20. GTM®

    Oh No - Not Tires

    And for the record, I have several big mile riders getting 25-30k miles on Dunlop American Elites in stock front and 180/65 rear sizes.