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    ABS stopped, service light after fog light install.

    These are the symptoms for the battery going flat. DAMHIK Stephen
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    1400 touring questions

    I bought my Touring new in 2013, and have 50,000km up, mostly two up. The 1400 develops peak torque at about 2800rpm, so trying to load it below 3,000rpm is just inefficient. The motors do their best work north of 3,500. Let it rev. I installed Todd's fuelling upgrade and full exhaust system and...
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    Distance to empty

    I have ridden my 2013 Touring to empty twice. (I had a spare litre of fuel with me). 75km each time, once the count started. Stephen
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    California 1400 Fluid Changes

    At or near the level of the fill hole is fine, according to the Workshop Manual. Stephen
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    Silly rear wheel spline grease question

    The 'transmission' is the final drive, in the rear wheel. Stephen
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    Silly rear wheel spline grease question

    The spline doesn't slide under load, it just transmits the drive. A thin coat of any grease to prevent rust will be fine. Stephen
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    What are these wires?

    The white plastic plug with a wire loop is used if there is no alarm fitted, or you disconnect the alarm from its socket. I did. When the topcase was fitted, they would have removed the original grabrail and replaced it with an extended rack that could carry the topcase. The fittings would be...
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    Grrr....Valve Clearance

    On this motor, yes, clearances increase with engine heat, the opposite of what is usually expected. So, even the 0.1mm clearance (instead of 0.15mm) should have been fine, as it would have opened up in operation, not closed. Stephen
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    lowering the seat height

    The seat locks down at the rear, and is held in position at the front. You need to check that you wouldn't be causing problems there. Stephen
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    2015 Moto Guzzi California Touring

    This sounds so frustrating for you. I have a 2013 Touring, running the PC-V and AT-300 kit. It is excellent. However, your bike has a problem which has not been resolved. The PC-V kit would be OK to install on a bike operating within spec. It sounds like your issues need to be resolved first. I...
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    1400 touring shocks

    Have the shocks been built to 15" with the corresponding increase in travel stroke, or just with a longer body to raise the rear of the bike? Stephen
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    Alternator belt replacement

    I read on the Wildguzzi Forum that an owner in Phoenix had cut through the alternator cover to remove a broken belt, and then replace it. Apparently the cut was barely visible. I haven't studied the setup on my Touring, but as I close in on 50,000km, I will be studying this approach carefully...
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    An update

    Yes, I realised that would probably be the case after I pressed send. One of my brothers has a heavily modified Road King in Spain, and every 2 years he has to muffle it to death for its inspection. Even has to reinstall the double seat etc.
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    An update

    Beautiful! Really lovely. I upgraded my 2013 Touring with Todd's fuelling kit, but went one further with the full exhaust system, from head to tail. This eliminated the double wall headers, bolt on chromed covers, thin wall pipe etc. The stepped headers and reverse cone meg mufflers are well...
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    Tire weirdness at 3200 miles

    Looks like printing. Scratch it with a scribe to reassure yourself.
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    Part missing?

    Looks like they belted it with a drift to knock the axle out. Stephen
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    Separating mufflers from header

    Spray WD40 into the slip joint. Made all the difference with mine. Stephen
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    Engine pinging

    The engines love to rev, and shouldn't be lugged. They do their best work above 3,500rpm. Stephen
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    Oh No - Not Tires

    I liked the handling with the 200, and I like it with the 180. Towards the end of its service life, the 180 starts to resist turning a little. The rim is at the width limit for a 180, so it does flatten the tyre profile somewhat. I run a dual compound Dunlop, which gives me 15,000km. The stock...
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    Oh No - Not Tires

    I use a 180/65, which has a similar circumference to the 200/60. The ABS should be unaffected. I can't remember if I had to recalibrate. (I recalibrated on one occasion, and apart from the challenge of maintaining an exact speed for a set distance, which took a few goes, it was simple enough.)...