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  1. Sasazuka

    Clutch Master Options

    Thanks Todd. Yeah the ABS throws a spanner in the works. BTW Have you had any problems with rizoma fluid reservoirs leaking or have they been reliable for you? I'd probably get those over the plastic Brembo ones.
  2. Sasazuka

    GL4 vs GL5 Transmission Oil

    I took off my back wheel so I can put on some new tires. I read the production date of my tires and it says 2014. Probably a good idea to change them out. Didn't feel the back end was gripping that well anyway. While I'm at it I'm doing the final drive or as the manual calls it the...
  3. Sasazuka

    First ride of the year!

    This is Lake Mead National Park NV, highway #167. Probably the best road close to Vegas. If you come from the south it costs $20 to get in but if you come from the north from Overton you can get in for free usually. Yeah hopefully didn't give you a headache.
  4. Sasazuka

    Clutch Master Options

    Anyone out there running these Brembo RCS clutch masters on their 1400? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on these and trying them out on the Audace. https://gtmotocycles.com/products/brembo-rcs-clutch?_pos=1&_sid=acfaad3d7&_ss=r I'm hoping to get lighter action, better modulation and...
  5. Sasazuka

    First ride of the year!

    I was able to sneak in a ride and a burger for my first ride of the year. Looking forward to new adventures in 2022.
  6. Sasazuka

    Audace, Eldo and 17+ Tour & MGX-21 F15K Matris Fork Kit info

    Pretty happy with the F15K and M40D Matris combo Todd installed on my bike. The forks had a more ridgid feeling before. Now they are firm but smoother and more fluid. Here's a pdf file from Matris regarding the F15K's. Have to now turn my attention to the tires. Running the original the...
  7. Sasazuka

    Moto Guzzi Clothing Stores

    Yeah those shoes at the front looked pretty cheap and gimmicky. Not surprised they are being ripped off. $450 for an original MG denim jacket???
  8. Sasazuka

    Moto Guzzi Clothing Stores

    Is Moto Guzzi becoming a lifestyle brand now with MG clothing stores? https://youtube.com/shorts/VAh0cI00e6s?feature=share
  9. Sasazuka

    V100 Details & Poll

    Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. If Guzzi doesn't make a sportier version of it I guess Todd will.
  10. Sasazuka

    Audace Driver Seat Backrest?

    Corbin makes something for the MGX. Not sure if it is an exact same fitment for the Audace or not.
  11. Sasazuka

    Audace First Ride Today

    7 hours on the highway on the Audace is impressive.
  12. Sasazuka

    Best place to find Audace in the US?

    Congrats on the bike. Should be a lot of fun. Add your bike to the register here in the 1400 forum with your VIN number. It's one of the top threads in the forum. Todd keeps track of bikes that have his fueling mods I believe. Here's a link to GuzziTech's fueling mods...
  13. Sasazuka

    New factory and museum in Mandello

    Never even heard of Mandello until I've been learning more about Guzzi's. Didn't know that these bikes were built on a hillside next to Lake Como. What an exotic looking place.
  14. Sasazuka

    Best place to find Audace in the US?

    Looks to be decent value at either price. With that pipe on it, it will need fuelling mods done to it soon if it hasn't been done already.
  15. Sasazuka

    V100 Mandello Chat - H20

    Road to 2121 Moto Guzzi promo vid
  16. Sasazuka

    Engine Guards aka Crash Bars

    No problem. I'll keep it all in the box and bring it in next time. Thanks.
  17. Sasazuka

    Engine Guards aka Crash Bars

    Hi Todd. Thank you for following this up. This kit comes with a ton of nuts and bolts and none of them seem to fit or the right size .. I just got back from Home Depot and bought 2 (M12 X 80) bolts for the lower attachment. They seem to work ok. However when I looked at the included upper...
  18. Sasazuka

    Engine Guards aka Crash Bars

    I just received the crash bars in the mail. It's also missing the two lower bolts needed to attach it on the mount below the oil cooler. It seems to me that two extra spacers are needed as well. Without the spacers it looks like it will only be tightening up on the oil cooler shrouding and...
  19. Sasazuka

    MGMP Multimedia Questions

    Maybe that's for heated grips. My bike has the button for it but not the heated grips.
  20. Sasazuka

    No more oil drip!

    Nice, thanks for sharing . Is that to/from the oil cooler?