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  1. Godfrey

    V7 Fuel Filter Not Replaceable?

    It's not that difficult, just takes some patience and a good feel for putting impossible shapes through too-small holes... :) Seriously, I have not changed it yet on my 2017 V7III Racer, but I suspect that I will this coming year. I'll drain the tank and do it just the way I've seen it done at...
  2. Godfrey

    Newcomer Requests Break-In Advice

    Ah, I haven't been down south in that part of the state for quite a long time. It's beautiful country! My Racer has been patiently waiting for me to get back to it for a ride. Perhaps around Summer: a nice, long ride south on secondary roads, avoiding the craziness on the freeways... That...
  3. Godfrey

    Newcomer Requests Break-In Advice

    One of the most likable aspects of owning a Moto Guzzi, particularly the V7 series and its derivatives like the 850TT, is their general simplicity: any moderately skilled owner-mechanic can do all the maintenance normally required with easily available tools. The most complex job ... changing a...
  4. Godfrey

    New V7/85 65hp for 2021

    I received the announcement email from Moto Guzzi this morning. I'm happy with most of what I see, other than I prefer the style of a dual-gauge setup more than the single combination gauge setup, but that's just a minor thing. I hear all this hoohah about the V7III being so woefully...
  5. Godfrey

    This and That about nothin' in particular... V7III Racer

    The Guzzi V7 Racer is a beautiful machine for sure, and a delight to ride. The seating position suits me perfectly, it's as if it was designed based on someone just my size. The Agostini mufflers on the V7III Racer make just the right sound. They're just loud and throaty enough to sound like 'a...
  6. Godfrey

    This and That about nothin' in particular... V7III Racer

    Amusing, although I'm not entirely sure where you guys are going with this stuff. My annual California registration fee this year (2017 V7III Racer, personalized license plate, taxes, etc) was $260/year. It tends to drop a little every year because it's based on the estimated value of the...
  7. Godfrey

    This and That about nothin' in particular... V7III Racer

    A few weeks back, on a bicycle ride, I and a couple of my moto friends ran into a young man riding a Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 ("red arrow" or something like that, in Swedish). Pretty bike, essentially a Huskie branded KTM now that KTM owns Husqvarna. Anyway, it turned out that he was a designer...
  8. Godfrey

    HELP! USB Connection V7 iii

    The V7III does not come with a standard USB connection point. Moto Guzzi makes an accessory kit (2S000983) — garagemotoguzzi.com/en/accessorio/v7iii-stone-v7iii-special-kit-installazione-presa-usb/ — to enable a standard USB A-type connection for charging purposes only, not data connection to...
  9. Godfrey

    V7iii rpm adjuster location

    Embarrassing to whom? or what? They're two very very different motorcycles, both built on a similar overall design meme. I wouldn't be embarrassed to enjoy both. G
  10. Godfrey

    V7iii rpm adjuster location

    The big block touring engines have a very heavy flywheel/clutch assembly that stores energy, small carburetors where the intake velocities and resulting mixtures at very low rpm remain stable, and softer cams, all of which together allows them to idle slowly (nominally 800-950 rpm). The modern...
  11. Godfrey

    GTM ECU V7 & V9 Flash Tool

    I have the Agostini classic long mufflers on my 2017 V7III Racer. I've never taken the db killers out, it would be too noisy then. Prior to fitting them, with the stock mufflers/catalytic converters in place, I had installed the standard upgrade map with the GTRx ECU Tool: the bike started...
  12. Godfrey

    V7 Classic rear wheel not engaging at all

    I've never seen a Guzzi driveshaft so badly corroded on any bike that hadn't been submerged for a time. That amount of rust says first neither the driveshaft nor the engaging splines were ever greased, and second that the boot or some other component was allowing a lot of water to get into the...
  13. Godfrey

    Evap removal from V7III

    When I had my first service done, when I went to pick it up, the mechanic said something like, "I see you EVAP system fell off. Funny, they do that frequently. Well, good riddance ... They do nothing but cause problems anyway." :D
  14. Godfrey

    V7C-S Suspension Thread

    The Öhlins suspension units on the 2017 V7III Racer were definitely a big part of the draw to this bike for me. Once fitted with the correct weight springs for my weight and dialed in, they do a perfect job. :D
  15. Godfrey

    RPM at speed in gear #

    My V7III Racer is happiest when it's spinning over about 4000 rpm or so, runs sweetest between 4500-6000 rpm. As a result, I rarely shift into 6th gear before about 70 mph unless I'm just droning down the highway on level ground.
  16. Godfrey

    Cheapo Adjustable Levers

    Sounds like the new lever has the clutch adjustment more correct than the original. :) Inexpensive levers without a bronze bushing wear out faster if you don't keep them properly lubricated. The fit of the pivot bolt and the lever gets sloppy faster and the levers need to be renewed more...
  17. Godfrey

    V-Twin 90 degree = harmonically balanced?

    ??? I've never ridden any motorcycle "hands free" like that. None of mine, guzzi or not, ever pulled one way or the other: it's just incredibly unsafe to ride like that. If you need to do that to "give your hands a break", it means the fit of seat/pegs/handlebars/grips is not right for you and...
  18. Godfrey

    Forks do not look nice anymore....

    Powder coat is good for this, usually, but depending on who does the job can cause distortion of the slider if the curing oven's temperature isn't well regulated (and too hot), and powder coating implies a very thorough cleaning of all surfaces and very clean sealing and closing of all apertures...
  19. Godfrey

    Cheapo Adjustable Levers

    What spacer are you referring to, in both cases? Do you mean the spacer that sits in the lever pivot space that the pivot bolt passes through? Some levers have pressed-in bushings of a better bearing material than the cast aluminum to bear against the pivot bolt, others have a floating bushing...
  20. Godfrey

    Forks do not look nice anymore....

    I am not familiar with the details of the Breva forks, but on every bike I've owned that had polished or painted fork sliders, I dismantled the forks to whatever extent required in order to free the sliders, cleaned and degreased them thoroughly, sealed and masked all openings, used paint...