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Search results

  1. AlanNZ

    Rack on Trax top case?

    What about an alloy plate with holes in it attached with spacers about 1" off the top of the lid? Front and rear bent up at 30-45 degrees. I've seen these mounted on the top of some panniers. If you can find a photo you like I'll do a CAD file for you. Alan NZ
  2. AlanNZ

    Need help - Urgent

  3. AlanNZ

    CalSci type screen modification

    A photo of the finished product Scott.
  4. AlanNZ

    12v Accessory socket

    There is a clip on YouTube on how to modify the Trax locks so you can unlock and remove the key. I did this. It's an easy mod. Insert the key, remove barrel retaining clip, file off the little stop on the barrel step, reassemble. Made sure you leave the key inserted when doing this or the brass...
  5. AlanNZ

    Oil change interval

    Lucky we ride all year round here in NZ. No winter putting up required. Alan
  6. AlanNZ

    CalSci type screen modification

    Attached are the dimensions to my stock screen calsci type modifications which has produced great results on my NTX. It worked for me but bear in mind: I am 5'8" (1.73m). I have removed 60mm from the top of the stock screen and fitted a Wunderlich spoiler. I have removed a 5-25mm wedge from...
  7. AlanNZ

    Exhaust header stud

    No didn't get to whanganui. Have been doing a few local rides on the falcone. Not been riding the other guzzis at all.
  8. AlanNZ

    Exhaust header stud

    Thanks. Good advice.
  9. AlanNZ

    Exhaust header stud

    I lost a header stud and the other nut on my Falcone yesterday riding home. I think one of the threads In the head may be worn. What's the recommended fix. Helicoil and replace the stud with high temperature loctite plus lock wire the nuts? Or no compound on the studs? Alan NZ
  10. AlanNZ

    bothersome maybe buyer with question

    Not that I am aware of. One did fail on my quota but that was because I fried the wires on a header pipe. Alan NZ
  11. AlanNZ

    Adjust Stelvio Idle

    Yes very helpful when I did mine.
  12. AlanNZ

    Adjust Stelvio Idle

    I've often wondered the same thing Dave. I assumed it was too complicated to have the butterfly opening mechanism and TPS on the same shaft?
  13. AlanNZ

    Adjust Stelvio Idle

    Agree. All adjustments are on the left on the Stelvio (apart from idle air screws). Sacred stop is on left TB. Relative adjustment of RH TB is also on the left. Alan NZ
  14. AlanNZ

    Adjust Stelvio Idle

    It's a while since I balanced the TBs but Isn't it the LH stop that is the sacred screw and the R/H one adjusted via the connecting rod adjustment screw? Alan NZ
  15. AlanNZ

    Timing (TDC) marks?

    I did the same first time Terry.
  16. AlanNZ

    Stelvio discontinued

    Water cooling a Guzzi. Count me out. And yes I know they have had water cooled bikes in the past...
  17. AlanNZ

    Drip drip, no brakes; fix it how?

    Unless I'm mistaken the second one is the proper Oetiker clamp crimp pliers made by them for their clamps. I have a pair and they work just fine. Alan NZ
  18. AlanNZ

    NTX low speed drivability issues & backfiring

    My 2013 ntx has very smooth fuel transition and very little backfiring on overrun. I have not found the stock mapping to be a problem. Lovely smooth acceleration throughout the rev range. Everything stock except a BMC air filter. Alan NZ.
  19. AlanNZ

    Stelvio fueling and valve clearance

    I understood roller valve clearances are larger (0.15/0.20mm or .006/.008") but I think documentation on this has been a bit elusive. My dealer sets to a tight .006/.008" (which probably more like a .005/007"). Alan NZ.
  20. AlanNZ

    Share a rear shock experience

    I was looking at fitting progressive springs on my Quota and general feedback indicated they were out of favour now. I would be interested in what others think. Alan NZ.