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  1. Eldo1400

    V9 Roamer 1 Key Alarm issue

    Good point, someone might add one in.
  2. Eldo1400

    Mileage and Issues

    "The concern I have is they add $1,200 to the price of a bike with destination and set up fees." I thought the stealers only did that in California.
  3. Eldo1400

    V9 Roamer 1 Key Alarm issue

    Thanks John, but I already got the manual. As for the code, I'll just keep ignoring it. It's enough of a victory to have gotten it to show miles instead of km.
  4. Eldo1400

    V9 Roamer 1 Key Alarm issue

    What is it with dealers? I got both keys but no tool kit with my Bobber. And no manual. I get the "set code" before startup but luckily it starts anyway. I have no idea what the code is. Hans, if you find out any info on programming please post it.
  5. Eldo1400

    Guzzi V9 Bobber Comfort Solo Seat

    Please do. I like the stock seat for up to 45 minutes.
  6. Eldo1400

    Eldorado or California Touring

    I love my Eldo but I say buy the Touring if the price difference isn't too steep. Sounds like the integrated luggage and pax friendly appointments are what you need.
  7. Eldo1400

    From Stelivo to V9 Bobber

    Yes, but have you heard one with the Agostini. Mmmmmmm. I agree, though, I love the sound even stock on mine.
  8. Eldo1400

    V9 power issues - why isn’t it charging?

    Right, I was suggesting he do a quick check to see if the alternator is working, by setting for Volts and hooking up to the battery while the engine is running.
  9. Eldo1400

    V9 power issues - why isn’t it charging?

    I've gone through 2 batteries already on my V9 and have a third as a spare. The alarm drains it fast. If it wasn't such a PIA I'd disconnect the battery for anything more than a couple of days. I can't keep it on a trickle charger. If I do ride every day it's OK, though, so I think it's...
  10. Eldo1400

    New V9 Bobber Owner Question

    Could you keep us posted, Frank? I'm thinking of getting a rack for my V9.
  11. Eldo1400

    Indian to California to Indian

    Won't you take a financial hit selling the Roadmaster? If so the positive in buying a California is their plummeting resale value. You could buy a nice one for well under 10k. But yes the increasing lack of dealer support is an issue, too.
  12. Eldo1400

    V85TT Registry and pic thread

    I don't care what people say, the Ronald McDonald paint scheme is the one to have.
  13. Eldo1400

    Anyone Own or Ride an XDiavel?

    That XDiavel is one awesome machine. Seems like it's a different class of bike, though, not really a cruiser. Or stretching the definition. What's it like on the freeway, for a long trip?
  14. Eldo1400

    Engine pinging

    "Pinging does NOT sound like "thunder" or a "knock once or twice"." Yes, which is why I wrote what I wrote.
  15. Eldo1400

    V9 seat options

    Chuck this might be a case where the Harley guys would be a source -- one of those small shops that takes your seat base and fashions something just for you. Sometimes that's not too pricey. 6-12 hours is a real test! I could do that on the Eldo but it would get buttsore on the V9. I do like...
  16. Eldo1400

    V9 Bobber - Thinking of buying

    "I'm hoping the fat tyres will help with the ride on bricked streets and the occasional bad roads." They really do. I love those damned things. Here in Hollywood we have "occasional good roads", so I've grown attached to the fat tires. The stock suspension is wooden and squishy. Look at Todd's...
  17. Eldo1400

    V9 Bobber - Thinking of buying

    Well, there's always this rig (as a Guzzi owner the words "fabricate", "weld" and "Duct tape" will of course be on your lips, as will insect parts lol):
  18. Eldo1400

    Guzzi discontinuing the big blocks?

    You should certainly ride it if you have the chance. It's a truly unique experience.
  19. Eldo1400

    GTM Monster Builds

    I should have said, I thought my 1400 was 2 vales per cylinder for some reason. Anyway, point taken on CARC. It's a nice looking system but I haven't experienced it yet. Almost bought a Griso, but alas. But your bikes take it to a new level. Even 100 hp in a 400 lb package would work for me :)
  20. Eldo1400

    GTM Monster Builds

    " I can use the Cal 1400 motor (which is a 8V)..." Ha ha, I would have gotten a big surprise pulling the valve covers to adjust. (I don't know why I was thinking it's 4V). Anyway I've often looked at the beautiful engine/drivetrain on my Eldorado and imagined what a really stripped-down...