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  1. Trout

    Only firing on one cyliner when hot

    In an earlier post you said that you switched the "injector cable" to the right and the problem moved to that side. Is that cable removable? Did the shop test for continuity between connectors? Has it been replaced? If the cable is non removable from the ECU then the bike probably would not...
  2. Trout

    GTM Monster Builds

    LOL! I like the bike in the background with all the multi colored spaghetti draped over the frame. PS: The show bike is great, if i wasn't on the east coast I'd come to the show.
  3. Trout

    GTM Monster Builds

    I'm one of those who don't do anti-social media.
  4. Trout

    (SOLVED) Idle Stepper Readings

    One other thing to check is wiring, especially grounds & proper batt voltage. Victory's are especially prone to high idle if battery is low or terminals are loose. Todays computers are very sensitive current wise.
  5. Trout

    Sump bolt stripped. Damn, blast and bugga.

    ahhh the good old days when a pan could be removed so easily.
  6. Trout

    GTM Monster Builds

  7. Trout

    California 1100 going for scrape

    You say you have had the bike for 13 years. 1) Has the bike been sitting without being run for a long time?
  8. Trout

    Thought I would share - Griso Americano

    Nice! I'd ride that.
  9. Trout

    Bellagio front end feel.

    Also play with tire pressure it's amazing what a difference a few pounds of pressure can make.
  10. Trout

    A different kind of startus interruptus

    Not strange at all. It is a Guzzi. Just Remember: Guzzi=making mechanics out of riders since 1921. LOL
  11. Trout

    A different kind of startus interruptus

    Also check all grounds especially the one from the battery to frame.
  12. Trout

    V7 III or T120 black?

    Got to agree with that! Had a Thruxton pass me that had aftermarket exhaust really sounded nice.
  13. Trout

    V7 III or T120 black?

    Really do need to ride both & hopefully be able to put at least 50 if not 100 miles on before deciding. Both brands have their own issues & both are easy to live with. For me the Guzzi's have always had a lot more fun factor for a lot longer time. By that I mean year after year the Guzzi makes...
  14. Trout

    Its all bubbly and junk

    Mines doing the same thing but my bikes are not garaged. Might try poking the air bubbles with a pin then using a plastic squeegee smooth the tape. I've never tried this but I wonder what would happen if after smoothing it you shot it with some hairspray?? If I ever get my shop built then I'm...
  15. Trout

    Eldorado Stone???

    I'd like to see it. Concept is good.
  16. Trout

    Breva 750 Dipstick Question (Lame)

    Hey George! Sorry I can't help you with marking the stick but you may want to consider replacing it with a stock unit. There have been more than a few cases where the stick fell off & into the case.
  17. Trout

    CARC/Shaft vs. Chain drive debate

    My Victory Cross Tour (1750cc loads of torque and around 850 to 900 lb bike) is belt drive & I have no complaints. I replaced it at 70,000 miles (About $400.00) altho the local Vic wrench head said I was foolish because they are going 100K. I'm not an easy rider so the belt & pulleys have got...
  18. Trout

    V9 Bobber setup for heavy eqpmt - volunteer roadside assistance

    Some hydraulic jacks can get air locked if they are stored laying down, It can take a long time for the fluid to settle & the jack to be usable.
  19. Trout


    Sitting on a fork lift in an auto parts warehouse. One of the office guys came out & said an airplane just hit the tower. In my mind I saw/thought a small single engine aircraft & kept on working. When the second one hit we crowded into an office & watched.
  20. Trout

    V9 Bobber setup for heavy eqpmt - volunteer roadside assistance

    Welcome & kudos for what you do. Whatever system you use just remember to be flexible when deciding what goes where. Trying to decide what goes where while sitting at home is going to be different than when items are needed when needed. Heavy stuff like the jack should be kept lower. May want...