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  1. Pb4uride

    Definitive fix 4 hanging throttle?

    2014 California Custom. I've monitored (for several years), the main thread for this "Hanging Throttle" problem with the 1400's and it appears there is No definitive fix!? I've read about the many things individuals have tried - some ideas even worked for a few, but overall - still NO Fix-All...
  2. Pb4uride

    California 1400 Rear Brake line Meltdown - Replacement

    After realizing my rear brake quit working, I got home and started to look for the problem. 1st checked brake fluid & looked for leaks, tried pumping the pedal, etc. I was feeling the brake line from the foot pedal back; I discovered a very rough gouge where the brake line route snaked between...
  3. Pb4uride

    V85TT Valve Adjustment?

    JOhn, I can't even find my own posts? I went to the V7-V85 forum and posted my valve adjustment question -Twice. Because I can never go back later and check my posts for a reply? Do I have to donate to see my posts get listed?
  4. Pb4uride

    V85TT Valve Adjustment?

    Crazy, I can't find any information on proper valve tappet adjustment? Anybody get the service manual? Can you school me on the valve adjustment Pppplease.
  5. Pb4uride

    V85TT Mods Thread

    I second the motion to ask Todd to work on the exhaust issues first. My wish list: Delete the CAT - replace with a collector which can be hooked up to the Arrow muffler or any muffler. Stiff throttle fix. Vibration fixes. Good luck Todd, glad to have you as a mover & shaker in the Guzzi kingdom.
  6. Pb4uride

    V85TT Registry and pic thread

    I Rushed to pick it up 300+ miles away in Portland, Oregon on July 2nd. Didn't ride it until I got to the Washington Moto Guzzi Clubs 4th of July Deep Forest Campout between Mount Rainier & Mt St. Helens. She is a Red&White one - losing virginity at the Independence day Guzzi campout - so my...
  7. Pb4uride

    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    I hear ya. Your Norge and my Stelvio are acting the same when it comes to MPG. I just did another fill tank to rim & calc miles on OD and it came out to 33.4 mpg. I sure hope I can find someone to flash my Stelvio with another map to try.
  8. Pb4uride

    Horrible Fuel Mileage

    With 12,000 miles on a '15 NTX I have been struggling to achieve decent fuel mileage. The dash fuel mileage tracker has always been totally inaccurate. Things done that may affect aerodynamics: Canister Ventdectomy Pirelli Adventure tires Small add on windscreen deflector Givi trunk flashed...
  9. Pb4uride

    Drip drip, no brakes; fix it how?

    FIXED Definitely leaking at the bottom band clamp of the Boot. Yes, that clamp is similar to a hose clamp but is very unique. It requires a special pliers tool, don't know it's name, and I couldn't google one that for sure is the right type. I also tried to source a more common hose clamp but...
  10. Pb4uride

    Vib fix for Stelvio mirrors with signals

    Yeah Buddy, I would like to see your signal adaption to the hand guards. Maybe some of those LED strip lights would work easy! I hate the idea of junking the stock mirrors with signals - but - I've tried so much to save them and they still suck. I was reaching out to see if "anyone" had...
  11. Pb4uride

    Drip drip, no brakes; fix it how?

    Thanks for the input High Miler. The little breather next to the red arrow in your photo remained totally dry in all 3 inspections of the leak. However the area around the bottom of the boot with the most leakage seemed to be coming from the inside right where that arrow is pointing. Ha, U...
  12. Pb4uride

    Vib fix for Stelvio mirrors with signals

    Stelvio mirrors with built in turn signal just vibrate so much they are not very useful. In fact, I found myself dangerously distracted by concentrating too long on the mirror trying to see things I thought might be important. However, I like having turn signals up in the mirrors where they...
  13. Pb4uride

    Drip drip, no brakes; fix it how?

    2015 Stelvio - I have rear drive fluid seeping from the bottom of the rubber boot on top of the CARC. The fluid splatters on brakes & tire. Must fix. A shop just did a service check on the CARC and did put on a new boot during the install. They would be more than willing to fix it, but I am...
  14. Pb4uride

    Everything a Stelvio owner needs to know in one post

    Did anyone help you with this question? I too would like to know how to id which engine I have in my 2015 Stelvio NTX
  15. Pb4uride

    TECH: U.S. Turn-signal UPDATE

    Do the Euro fairing built-in turn signals on the'15 Stelvio just have the lenses painted over? Anyone try removing the cover paint successfully? Seems like it could be done. Or just buy 2 new lens covers. Is there a Y-splitter available to run both the built-in signals with the mirror...
  16. Pb4uride

    Stinky Stelvio ?

    That is the advice I was hoping to hear. At the same time; I don't want to ignore what might be instigating a problem. I would "assume" that the Burn-In should be complete after XXX miles. I'll monitor this till around 5,000 miles. Should be done with any "burn-in" by then I would assume...
  17. Pb4uride

    Stinky Stelvio ?

    Yo, Stelvio Riders; I love my new Stelvio.... Love Stinks: I have 1200 miles on a new 2015 Stelvio and it always smells like burning oil, or plastic, or paint or something too hot; when I shut down? What gives. I have never found a leak, not a drop of oil, it doesn't appear to smoke when...
  18. Pb4uride

    Stelvio REGISTRY & Pics thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    VIN#ZGULZU016FM200091 Roy Harvey PB4URIDE Bothell, WA '15 Green "Buffalo"
  19. Pb4uride

    Stelvio Birth

    OMG - I did it, I really did it. I just picked up a brand new '15 Stelvio and put it's first 66 miles. So, I'm giving birth to a Stelvio. First ride (Friday in Seattle), was Awesome! Heavy Rain - Big puddles - some Gravel road - heck, I even had a few miles of sunshine. So, this first ride...