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  1. mohawkeye

    kendon bike trailer

    I found a used Kendon single-rail last August, for my track bike. Hauled my Stelvio down to Guzzitech Fab & Service yesterday, and it held the beast with no issues. However, I'm too old & weak to get THAT bike up the ramp by myself :sweating:
  2. mohawkeye

    Riding West Out of Kamloops, BC

    Wanna do that again! Last time in Lillouet and on Duffy Lake Rd on the Stelvio was August, 2012.
  3. mohawkeye

    Talk me into a stelvio

    Yes it is.
  4. mohawkeye

    Talk me into a stelvio

    My '09 has ~77,500 miles
  5. mohawkeye

    Angeles Crest

    Bob, if nobody else has told you, the road has been dry since last Wednesday, and I'm guessing that it'll be dry after yesterday's rain by tomorrow. BTW, Newcomb's Ranch is open again on Mondays, starting today.
  6. mohawkeye

    Angeles Crest

    I was stupid enough to go up Sunday morning, and did a very slow (<10mph) high-side in the Shadies. Bruised the lowest left rib and punched a hole in the bottom of the left valve cover. Lucky for me, I was holding up an acquaintance who was driving; he helped me pick up the Stelvio and drove...
  7. mohawkeye

    Guy Webster - End of an era

    Do it if you can, Todd! Those bikes are gems.
  8. mohawkeye

    Headlight bulb replacement

    It's a relative piece-of-cake (at least I've replaced bulbs in my 09 many times). You should see the leads and plugs forward of and underneath the dash. Just get your hand under the dash, pull the (female) plug back towards you, then remove the rubber boot, and then give a counter-clockwise...
  9. mohawkeye

    Happy Holidays!

    Back atcha Todd! And I hope you've recovered from the issues w/your back. I found out yesterday that the rock I'd hit in mid-October actually caused an L-3 fracture. I'll be in the hospital for a day for kyphoplasty; in the meantime, Norco has become my so-called friend!
  10. mohawkeye

    High mileage stelvio

    I have a 73k+mi '09 Stelvio, which has never guzzled any oil either. Still have the flat tappets; 2 left exhaust tappets & cam replaced almost exactly 3 years ago. It's been running great! No real excuses for being late to this party, 'cause I've been having lots of fun riding this, my other...
  11. mohawkeye

    How to properly re-install right exhaust header w/new gasket to mid-pipe?

    Sorry, been lazy in response... Got the medium-sized (up to 2.25") expander at Harbor Freight 2 weeks ago, and it did the job. Bike's been back in business since then. Thanks for all the suggestions! Right tool for the job, etc...
  12. mohawkeye

    How to properly re-install right exhaust header w/new gasket to mid-pipe?

    Thank you, John! Guess I'll have to measure the mid-pipe's diameter ;)
  13. mohawkeye

    Another starting issue

    As an aside, when my '09 is parked in summer sun, sometimes I'll get the "enter user code" prompt. Lately, I've gotten into the habit of turning off the key, then waiting for the prompt to disappear, and then turning the key on again. 99% of the time the dash will cycle through all the checks...
  14. mohawkeye

    How to properly re-install right exhaust header w/new gasket to mid-pipe?

    Recently the stock exhaust on my '09 Stelvio 4v began sounding much louder and "tinnier." Yesterday I isolated the problem to where the right header meets the mid-pipe (exhaust pressure blowing out to the bike's right side), and went to my dealer for new gaskets (only comes as a set of 2 - $50...
  15. mohawkeye

    Forgive the Newbie Here

    Sorry, but I don't remember. I got a Penske 8983 shock from Todd and measured its length before installation, then ordered the Shock Sock.
  16. mohawkeye

    Forgive the Newbie Here

    I use a "Shock Sock" from Traxxion Dynamics. Sorry, can't help with your other questions.
  17. mohawkeye

    Griso REGISTRY & Picture Thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    A riding buddy is interested in one currently offered by a local dealer. Very low miles and, I believe, bone stock, listing for 10.6K, which is higher than he's willing to settle for...
  18. mohawkeye

    Who's got the highest mileage on their stelvio

    '09 Stelvio at ~60,400 miles as of last Friday. Would've had a few more than that, but it was stuck in line at the dealer's for a month in May & June for an oil pressure sensor replacement. They also found a torn sump gasket, which had caused a lack of oil pressure at idle :eek: