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  1. Mike.C

    Norge Tank Bag Questions

    G'DAy Bill, Nice to hear your friendly voice mate B) I had a bo peep at the fitment chart for the cortech and they list several Yamahas, but can't be certain if it will fit. What I did originally when faced with the question was get a diagram from the supplier and then he kindly sent me the...
  2. Mike.C

    SW Motech Tankbag

    Ask and you shall receive. :woohoo: The larger one is (I think) a "city" bag and I have just shoved my MacBook air 11" in it which is 30cm x 19cm x zilch. It just fits, but only just. It's a tight fit, one end goes down into the lower end nearest the seat and the other end is just under the...
  3. Mike.C

    to Coats, Kansas [mostly photographs]

    Thanks for the great insight into Small Town USA Daniel. Country towns in Oz are often struggling too, being a country farm boy I have fond memories of small town life inthe 70's and 80's but now it's all big business farming and the soul has gone. This pic says it all to me.
  4. Mike.C

    D.I.Y. Manometer.

    If you use a short length of model aeroplane silicone fuel tubing between the throttle body nipple and the manometer tube it will not pop off with heat. Ask for the thick walled stuff, not all hoby shops keep the thicker walled version. As always the cheap stuff is so thin walled that it easily...
  5. Mike.C

    D.I.Y. Manometer.

    Um not sure why you would want to know, other than intellectual interest which of course is a noble pursuit. If you make a manometer for balancing the throttle bodies, it works by comparing the level in the two tubes that are joined in a "U" fashion, the vaccum in one "fights" against the vaccum...
  6. Mike.C

    Italy to Greece ferries

    Here is one http://www.viamare.com./
  7. Mike.C


    I haven't wanted to shove my oar in on DD's thread, but there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding of the problem caused by confusion with AT and rich running problems so maybe I should set the record straight. Dave called me to see if I could help get his PCV to run right as he wasn't able to...
  8. Mike.C

    NorgECU removal/disconnecting the "blue" and "brown connec"

    Hang on I've got some pics, back soon! Here it is, you can see how the clip engages and disengages in the pics. It's a bugger for sure.
  9. Mike.C

    Home-tuning a Breva V1100 etc

    Have you done something wrong? Guzzi says yes and they have good reason to do so, others say no and have changed it like you have with some results good and bad. So I am not going to give my opinion on that one. However the Kiwi wing of the Breva maintenance advisory service has developed a...
  10. Mike.C

    white exhaust valve

    Yes well I take your point, but we are talking about an internal engine component that has AFAIK no reported history of failure, so it seems to me that the design is sound.
  11. Mike.C

    white exhaust valve

    I'm with John on this one. If the lean running was a major issue I would have thought that we would have heard of reports of engines with exhaust valve problems and failures, but AFAIK that is not the case. Sure the engines run lean in stock form but I suspect that the designers might know a...
  12. Mike.C

    Aux Fuel Tank

    Nice one Ray.
  13. Mike.C

    Redirect engine heat?

    I've got ceramic coating on the Breva header pipes. No discernible difference to heat, and contrary to what I was told it's fragile and damages quite easily.
  14. Mike.C


    I would put some Techron injector cleaner through it as a suck it and see.
  15. Mike.C

    A Breva at Bonneville!! (or: "the Route.." part 2))

    Re: A Breva at Bonneville!! (cross-posting) Ah mountains, we don't have many of them here so the Minister and I are shipping the bikes to New Zealand for 4 weeks blasting around the South Island at Christmas to see for ourselves what they look and feel like. Great story as always and has wet...
  16. Mike.C

    Breva 750 Clutch lever - urgent reply sought

    Yes there is a Ducati one that fits. I got one from Tom Newells here in BNE, might be worth a call. If he has one in stock Express post to a P.O. box will get it to you before 9am tomorrow.
  17. Mike.C

    Italy, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal [ride report]

    Thanks Daniel, your pics are inspiring.
  18. Mike.C


    Ni pimples on my Breva tank.
  19. Mike.C

    Micro switch under clutch lever

    Yep that's an easy one. It tells the ECU when you have the clutch lever pulled in. If you try to start the bike with it in gear it won't until you pull the clutch in - it's that little switch that tells the ECU that it's OK to spin the starter. BUT, be careful of the switch, I had a look at a...
  20. Mike.C

    750 Breva fuel light

    Certainly the Nevada only has one trip meter, and I am almost 100% sure that the 750 Breva doesn't either.