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  1. Mark111

    Tyres for the Griso

    Michelin PR4's are great as well as Metzler Roadtec 01 which have replaced the Z8. The Z8 is a good tyre but the 2 previously mentioned are a bit better. Your pressures are to high, try 34F and 37R which will give the Z8's more feel.
  2. Mark111

    Griso wheel colour options

    Not to my taste if you want an opinion but it isn't my bike
  3. Mark111

    Tubeless Spoked Rims-Problems?

    First thing to do is to make sure that the spokes are tensioned correctly, Like all spoke wheels they will loosen up after a period of usage but if tensioned correctly this will reduce the likelihood of a leak. The correct tension I am told is 6-7 Nm but you should probably check this with...
  4. Mark111

    2016 Ragged Fringe Rally - NSW Guzzi Club

    This years Ragged Fringe Rally is confirmed for September 10 & 11. The rally site is at Bretti Reserve 40 km's West of Gloucester NSW on Thunderbolts Way.
  5. Mark111

    What to do about fuelling

    Let me echo the warning from Tony (OzGuzzi). Your priority should be fitting roller tappets because any other money you spend will be redundant once you have to buy a new engine. Yes it can be that serious if left to long. How do I know, I will put you in touch with my bank manager he can...
  6. Mark111

    New Owner - 2010 Griso

    IVGS and Rudolf, Do what you want but it is inevitable that the 2010 engine's tappets will fail. If you wait for them to fail and sufficient damage is caused to spread metal through the engine oil galleries, you run the risk of having a throwaway engine when the crank is damaged. The problem is...
  7. Mark111

    Griso Oil Leak - Need some advice on how to deal with this

    2 possible causes, oil pressure sender which is a common source of leakage (inside front of the left barrel area) or as ALS has suggested the hoses or connections at the breather box behind the steering head. I have had the breather hose spout crack at the breather box causing leakage. It would...
  8. Mark111

    Bar risers again.

    Try these http://www.ebay.com/itm/331793835856?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  9. Mark111

    Valve Clearance for Roller Tappets

    Officially rollers are 6 and 8 thou, however many I know including my bike are being run at 4 and 6 without any problems. You will find that when these engines warm up the clearances actually open up roughly around 3 to 4 thou not close up like most engines. At 4 and 6 thou it will be a little...
  10. Mark111

    Lock to Lock

    It is just your Griso as everyone I have observed have been very substantial and securely fixed.
  11. Mark111

    Tappet noise & strange result of valve adjustment

    Third, Alright then, don't want to cast a shadow over your enjoyment of the bike but is very reminiscent of my recent experience with an 8v engine. A couple of Thousand Km's after a recent tappet replacement abnormal and intermittent noises developed in my engine under similar conditions to...
  12. Mark111

    Leaking Spoke

    Reviving this old thread, anyone know where I can get the correct O rings for my Alpina spoke nipples. Need some to fix a couple of leaks at my wheel rims. Mark
  13. Mark111

    Tyres for the Griso

    Z8's are great tyres and well suited to the Griso from my experience which included good mileage in all sorts of conditions. In my opinion your pressures are to high I ran 34 front and 37 rear. Make sure you have a good gauge as they are often out by 3 or 4 PSI so you could be running much...
  14. Mark111

    Rear hugger slap over bumps.

    What sort of hugger is it, never had that problem with the skidmarx one I had.
  15. Mark111

    Griso Bags

    Hepco & Becker C bow bags work well on a Griso. No holes to drill as they attach to the 4 bobin mounts under the rear guard, 15 mins to put on and 5 to remove if you don't want to leave them on. Check this link for my old bike =163']https://www.guzzitech.com/forums/search/5314/?q=convertible...
  16. Mark111

    Griso down

    Didn't realise this thread was here until today so thought I would respond. I am 90% percent good, probably won't get to 100% due to some residual defects to ribcage, shoulder and shoulder blade but the expected 95% will be good enough after many broken bones. I was in hospital for 20 days and...
  17. Mark111

    Griso REGISTRY & Picture Thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    My new to me 2010 Tenni se replacing my now departed 08 black 8v model.
  18. Mark111

    H&B Saddlebag rack

    Matias, Answer to both of your questions is yes. I have done extensive km's using my c-bow bags including one trip of 11,500 km's across Australia and back with zero problems. The only point I would make is observe the specified weight limits. I have always used the supplementary strap to help...
  19. Mark111

    1200 8V follower and cam issues

    Fredly, 1st question what year model is your bike? 2nd question have the cams shit themselves or are you just pre-empting future trouble? Mine, a 2008 8v valve (now dead due to crash) and the model claimed to be most at risk of failure had done 60,000km on the upgraded recall cams without ant...
  20. Mark111

    G8V Breather Box (BB)

    Check the hose connections at the breather box have not cracked or split. Mine was leaking slightly because the breather hose connector spout was cracked at it's base where it attaches the breather box. Once this was sealed with some adhesive I have not had any further issues. Mark