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  1. Sheepdog

    Issues ordering from Harper's in Missouri

    I’m having problems with them, also.
  2. Sheepdog

    Moto Guzzi - Happy 100th Birthday!

    I have a gravel drive outside my shop, also. I don’t have any trouble navigating the loose surface, but it sure is nice to extend your parking and work areas with a concrete apron. Your setup looks particularly nice...
  3. Sheepdog

    Lifting V7 Stone III

    A center stand, a scissors jack, and some 2x4 wood blocks will get the whole bike off the ground. These are real work-savers and you’ll use them over and over. It’s worth the bucks...
  4. Sheepdog

    New member from New South Wales

    Glad to have you here. Post a picture of your bike!
  5. Sheepdog

    V85TT vs. BMW

    I have a Beemer...and two Guzzis. Objectively, the Beemer is really competent; a great tourer with myriad comfort, safety, and performance features. I love mine. However, those old Tonti Big Blocks are special and I am reminded every time I so much as look at them. I guess that perfection comes...
  6. Sheepdog

    Brand new to Guzzi's, some questions...

    TenBelow nailed it. Both of my ‘07 V1100 California’s benefited a great deal by one of Todd’s maps, but make sure the bike has the latest factory map and all tuning adjustments within specs first. If you plan on modifying the intake and exhaust, it’s best to do a re-flash at the same time.
  7. Sheepdog

    How is the 8v better than the 4v? - or isn't it?

    The best part of the 2VC Guzzis is the light weight. The engine was originally conceived as a “hard-use” powerplant. It is understressed, but still produces a strong midrange. However, it really runs out of steam at about 6000 rpms. A cam will open up the top end and a guy like Todd can get 90...
  8. Sheepdog


    It’s not terribly difficult to change out. Frustrating at times, but do-able for a hobbyist mechanic. This is what comes from making food into fuel for machines...
  9. Sheepdog

    Front caliper seal kit for Stelvio NTX?

    My mechanic got a rebuild kit from Ducati, but that was ten years ago.
  10. Sheepdog

    How do you guys handle aggressive dogs?

    When confronted with aggressive dogs I either hit the gas or stop, put my hands over my head and shout, “Bad dog!” This works sometimes. This is another time when wearing protective gear is an advantage...it’s tougher when bicycling.
  11. Sheepdog

    2021 V9 B/R Updated with V85 engine

    It’s not all bad. The smaller throttle body provides higher intake velocity with the additional engine displacement. It probably pulls harder down low without having to change the ratio/s in the gearbox or the rear drive. I’ve been noticing a trend toward higher velocity intakes which preserve...
  12. Sheepdog

    Why are Moto Guzzi considered quirky?

    I think much of the quirky reputation came from the 2V Californias (particularly the V1100) in large part. Integrated brakes, heel and toe shifting, floorboards (really different foot controls in general), uniquely sized 30 mm handlebars on later models, a copy of the “Jiffy Sidestand”, and a...
  13. Sheepdog

    V85TT updates for 2021

    I really dig the V85TT, but I think I’ll hold out for a pure street version. The FI operating system is a great upgrade over the old V7’s system and tubeless spoke wheels seal the deal. I just don’t see myself needing an ADV formatted bike...I’d rather just buy an old dual-sport.
  14. Sheepdog

    2021 V9 B/R Updated with V85 engine

    Does the updated V7/V85/V9 use the same ecu as the V85TT? The info I’ve seen implies that the new bikes do not have cruise, throttle-by-wire, or selectable fuel maps. Perhaps this explains the lower (65 vs 80) horsepower figure...
  15. Sheepdog

    Check, check, check your motorcycle. Please!

    It was definitely on the verge of chunking apart. As a minimum, I check tires and look for fuel leaks before every ride. I think it was all those old Brit bikes that got me in the habit...
  16. Sheepdog

    Ideal toolpouch contents

    I’ve been well served by the Cruz Tools travel kit. The Econokit M1 is relatively compact and fairly complete. Be certain to have what you need to remove a tire or adjust your shocks. The Cruz Tool kit includes several consumables that I have used while on tour. It’s a pretty good deal at less...
  17. Sheepdog

    GuzziDiag NOTICE

    Sorry you’ve had disappointments, Todd. I have been very pleased with the re-flash you performed on my Vintage. It truly transformed the bike right from jump. I just picked up another ‘07. This one has a 15M in it...I checked it out when I found the Lambda sensor zip-tied to the frame. It runs...
  18. Sheepdog

    transforming a 1998 EV 11 Touring...

    I have a couple of ‘07 California Vintage machines in pretty great shape. I removed the luggage and their attendant mounts and guards on one of them and the bike lost 45 pounds. I re-calibrated the suspension, installed some Pirelli Sport Demons, put on a Black Eagle seat, and ordered some parts...
  19. Sheepdog

    GT 02 Optimizer - UPDATE: 6.7.13

    Re: New to Market - 02 Optimizer My O2 Optimizer went on an '07 California Vintage. I've put on about 6,000 miles on it at all varieties of altitude and weather conditions. The bike is improved by an order of magnitude...extraordinary fueling, good mpg, excellent starting, it even feels...
  20. Sheepdog

    GT 02 Optimizer - UPDATE: 6.7.13

    Re: New to Market - 02 Optimizer I presently use a PowerCommander IIIusb with a Dynojet 02 controller (Cal Vintage with Mistral H-Pipe, stock silencers, and three one inch holes in the airbox top...I use Todd's map from this site). Low speed performance remains very lean, with a great deal of...