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  1. Guillaume™

    GTM V7-850 Exhaust offerings

    You just sold me.... I need to payoff my recent upgrades. But ill likely will be upgrading the headers within the next 6 months.
  2. Guillaume™

    Oil in air box

    So..... Im driving it too fast then? My bike lives north of 5000 rpm. 85-100mph on my daily commute is not unusual. Bike will be going to a local tuning shop soon.
  3. Guillaume™

    Oil in air box

    I just removed my stock airfilter to replace it with a DNA filter. Any idea why I have this much oil sitting inside my airbox?!?! 2021 V7 Centenario ~2700miles
  4. Guillaume™

    GTM V7-850 Exhaust offerings

    I have installed my GTM Megs a month ago. I am curious as to how much improvement could reasonably be expected if I were to upgrade the stock headers to a gtm 2-2 headers.
  5. Guillaume™

    NEW GTM V7-9 AirBox Ring and DNA HF Filter

    Anyone run the DNA filter with the hold down ring in the rain? Im thinking of going for this set up. But the fact that I live in Vancouver, where we get 8 months of rain. I am a bit weary of getting raid of the air box cover and having the filter exposed. I am running an exposed filter with a...
  6. Guillaume™

    TTK V7 Night Pack/LED Kit Info - Instructions

    I am assuming this is compatible with the 2021 850 model? Roughly whats the timeframe for delivery from europe these days? Thanks
  7. Guillaume™

    V7 Brake Upgrades

    I think the braking system is my next notable upgrade. Thanks for the useful information guys. Last weekend I installed clip-on bars,I installed them with the new, shorter brake line that came with the new bars. But actually have no idea what is the lenght of it. I understand Ill want to...
  8. Guillaume™

    V7-850 Mods Q&A

    I am looking for new rear sets compatible with the V7 850? Any options available? I was looking at Sato's rear sets for the V7 750 They moves the pegs 6" back and up 1 1/4" . But it is not compatible with the new model. The rep I talked to has no idea when they will have them available for the...
  9. Guillaume™

    GTM V7-850 Exhaust offerings

    So stoked!!! My bike no longer sounds like a go kart. The mufflers look gorgeous, great work on them. The sound on the video do no do them justice. They sound awesome, albeit a lot louder than expected. I love em. Out of curiosity Todd, did you have the chance to dyno a bike with these on? I...
  10. Guillaume™

    2021 V7 Centenario traction control issue

    Ever since i bought the Centenario. Its been a little bit squirly when changing lanes or driving over HOV markings on the pavement. I just assumed the stock tires were absolute crap, As I never had this issue with my other bikes other then in rare instances. Then this past week the...
  11. Guillaume™

    GTM V7-850 Exhaust offerings

    I just received an email saying my new 850 Stainless Steel GP Megs are on their way. I am pretty excited about getting raid of the go kart sound of the stock exhaust. That said, is it best to hold off installing them until the new ECU mapping is available or will the bike run fine without the...
  12. Guillaume™

    V7 III Drop Speedo/Tacho Bracket

    Anyone knows if this bracket is compatible with the digital guage on the V7 Centenario?
  13. Guillaume™

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    Big month for me... Never owned a Guzzi. Now in the span of a few weeks. I am the owner of a v7 sport and a brand new v7 Centenario My new V7 Centenario. It will be ready for me to pick up on Saturday. My new project bike. 1972 V7 sport. Given to me this past month by my step dad who bought...
  14. Guillaume™

    seeking advice for 1972 V7 Sport restoration

    Hi guys, As the 2nd owner of a 1972 V7 sport I have some questions on restoration. Little background on the bike. My step dad bought it new in 1972, It was running strong until he parked it 15 years ago. It has not been fired up since. Its taken me 12 years to get him to agree to part way with...
  15. Guillaume™

    BB TONTI REGISTRY and pic thread

    1972 V7 Sport Frame / engine number 033532 Abbotsford, Canada 2nd owner
  16. Guillaume™

    BB TONTI REGISTRY and pic thread

    I just had a long chat with my step dad. He finally accepted to give me his V7 Sport (making me the bike's second owner) in exchange for him getting to ride it first once I complete the restoration. A very very fair deal I would think. Now I just need to put money aside for what I expect is...
  17. Guillaume™

    BB TONTI REGISTRY and pic thread

    Ive been trying to get him to sell it to me for a long time. I wouldnt have to do a ground up restoration if I had got it 10 years ago. But as you can see. its been sitting for a while now. I plan to return it to its former glory. I agree with you. I defenitely plan get raid of the Honda...
  18. Guillaume™

    BB TONTI REGISTRY and pic thread

    I am trying to become the second owner of this 1972 V7 Sport. My step dad has owned it since new. Ive been trying to get it from him for the past 10 year so I can restore it. It will be passed down to me eventually, I just need to be patient. It was a blast to ride ride last time I was on it...
  19. Guillaume™

    CARC and sidecar

    I just put a deposit on a 2021 V7 Centenario. I am waiting for the shop to receive their new Guzzi shipment. I am planning on getting a leaner sidecar for mine.... Once I convince someone to sell or rent me a parking spot in our condo parkade. As I wont be able to just park the bike behind my...
  20. Guillaume™

    V7 III 820cc Big Bore Kit - '17-20

    What is the cost of this kit? And installation cost if i decide to bring the bike down. How long before a similar kit is available for the new 850cc engine?