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  1. Quattroa4m

    Guzzi discontinuing the big blocks?

    It would be a pretty sad affair if MG abandons the big block. But without MG committing to a long term plan (Euro 5, marketing, tweaking, adjusting, etc.), it was bound to happen. If it wasn’t for Todd’s efforts, no one would know anything about the big block bikes. Apparently the motorcycle...
  2. Quattroa4m

    1400 Break In

    Most likely Moto Guzzi used Nigusil which is a MG patented alloy/coating for cylinder bores.
  3. Quattroa4m

    C14 Stock Idle - Why 1250 +/- 100?

    I've gotten used to the relatively high idle over the years. With the stock exhaust it's really not a big deal. However, while considering an alternate exhaust setup, the at idle soundbites available don't sound quite right. They all seem to sound like the idle is adjusted way too high...
  4. Quattroa4m

    Oh No - Not Tires

    Not bad, not bad at all!
  5. Quattroa4m

    Oh No - Not Tires

    Unfortunately, you're still missing the point by your statement, "...apparently are not at all interested in honestly examining the experiences of people on the other side of this topic." Really? Scott's heroin analogy is spot on. The vast body of evidence would indicate that this a "shallow...
  6. Quattroa4m

    Oh No - Not Tires

    As I stated before, gutsy! However, just because you can do something, doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Other people may have gotten away with it, but there's just as high a likelihood that many did not. Coupled with that is the high probability of liability in the case of an accident...
  7. Quattroa4m

    Oh No - Not Tires

    Now that’s gutsy!
  8. Quattroa4m

    Oh No - Not Tires

    “Not world beaters?” What exactly are you looking for? “All of them are pretty crap...” Why are you here then? If you’ve not run Avon Cobra tires, then respectfully, you’re drawing unwarranted conclusions. The ME880 and the Avon are completely different tires...outside of the fact that they...
  9. Quattroa4m

    Cal1400 REGISTRY & Pics thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

    What exhaust did you go with?
  10. Quattroa4m

    My New Red Eldorado

    Amen and damn sure understand the health scare aspect... Beautiful bike, by the way.
  11. Quattroa4m

    2014 Cali Custom start issues

    It certainly sounds like the battery needs to be replaced. The fact that 1.) The display flickers, and 2.) The solenoid clicks, until you have 13 volts would be reasonable symptoms of a weak battery. If it’s of any help, mine will be 4 years old in August. I wouldn’t be surprised if mine...
  12. Quattroa4m

    2014 Cali Custom start issues

    What does it read (battery) when you’re cranking it?
  13. Quattroa4m

    LED bulbs for Eldorado turn signals

    Those look similar to the “Inertia LED” that I replaced mine with (California 1400). Supposedly they are CAN-bus compatible...no additional resistors required. They are a direct replacement for RY10W. And yes, they are significantly brighter than stock. You’ve got to be dead, stone blind, or...
  14. Quattroa4m


    Super Bright LEDS has a low beam (H7) replacement. However, I’ve not found where anyone has tried it.
  15. Quattroa4m

    California 1400 Reliabilty Opinions?

    What speed and what gear were you in below 3000 rpm? If you were in 6th gear at say 2500 rpm, the engine will do but it's not going to be a smooth experience. They all shake at idle...not much way around it. Some folks might call it roughness, some might call it character...it depends on your...
  16. Quattroa4m

    California 1400 Reliabilty Opinions?

    See below. Comment Went in twice for some reason.
  17. Quattroa4m

    New 1400s any known issues before I buy an elderado?

    At this point it appears that you have nothing to lose by contacting Piaggio - Italy. If that doesn't fix the problem, unfortunately most of your alternate solutions are going to cost $$$ to implement. Georgia does have what they call a Consumer Protection Unit. Who knows though if this would...
  18. Quattroa4m

    New 1400s any known issues before I buy an elderado?

    So, is EuroCycles unable to diagnose the problem?
  19. Quattroa4m

    GTM Cal-14 Exhaust

    Todd, is there an appreciable difference in the noise level between the "short" and the "long" mufflers?
  20. Quattroa4m

    New 1400s any known issues before I buy an elderado?

    I for one, have never had MG customer service return a phone call or respond to an email. Based on personal experience (and what I've read), MG customer service is practically non-existent in the USA. Hopefully Wazacruzer has a dealer going to bat for him, but again from personal experience...