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  1. foggy95

    850 V7 test drive

    Only downside I can report thus far with my V7 850 ... the fueling is not as crisp and consistent as my V7III, so far anyway .. at 200 miles. Especially at a constant, light throttle speed, an occasional 'hiccup' or 'cough' ... never felt with my V7III. No mods so far with my 850, evap...
  2. foggy95

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    Looks like I'll add the first recorded V7 850 to the registry! VIN# ZGUKZUB05MM000008 . My location is Coatesville, PA and my local dealer is Motoplex in West Chester, PA. I feel fortunate to have an excellent dealer just 14 miles from home. Mods so far are bar end mirrors, Pazzo levers, and...
  3. foggy95

    V7-850 Evap and Tip Info

    Thanks for that quick reply, Todd. You've confirmed my suspicions that simply removing that valve and connector may cause more trouble than it's worth ... I only get a slight 'whoosh' when I remove my fuel cap for refueling .... I'll live with it until these new systems are better known and...
  4. foggy95

    V7-850 Evap and Tip Info

    I had just started the evap removal process on my 2021 V7 850 this morning, having done this job a few times on previous V7's - it has always been a straightforward, simple job. But - on this model, I find an electrical connection (yellow)to a sensor of some kind, going to what is called the...
  5. foggy95

    V7 Fuel Filter Not Replaceable?

    I just went to replace my fuel filter (2019 V7III Special) just as I have done on my previous V7's ... got the assembly out and much to my surprise - the filter was a Mahle KL145 all metal filter! Someone at the factory must have been listening. And no, this could not have been done post...
  6. foggy95

    New smallblock motor?

    I know its been discussed ad nauseam, but here are a couple of links to a website with possibly some more tech info, and a few good pics, which can be 'zoomed' for great detail. Clearly shows the new aluminum (aluminium?) rims on the V7 Special. I kind of have my doubts that this 'new &...
  7. foggy95

    Computer display went blank

    Thanks for all the responses to my original post. Here is Part Two: Dealer replaced the defective unit (they called it the dash) with a new one. Good news - it's 100% covered under warranty. Bad news - I now have no accurate record of the milage on this bike, as it's started at 0 again. Does...
  8. foggy95

    Computer display went blank

    If anyone is still following this thread....it is now one week after my digital dash display went blank on my 1200 Sport, I've tried it numerous times during the past week, no go. Today I get a buddy to follow me out to my dealers (Europa Macchina in Lewisberry, PA - great folks by the way, if...
  9. foggy95

    Computer display went blank

    Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply. Actually, the battery was out of the bike for a couple of hours while I cleaned the terminals, etc and cleaned up a few other things. Reason for the low milegae - the 1200 Sport doesn't sell well in this country. So poorly I am told that Guzzi will not send any...
  10. foggy95

    Computer display went blank

    Thanks for the reply Dave - I guess mine is a little more fatal - I tried the "0n-off" with the ignition switch a number of times. Still dead. Maybe that's a good thing as there will be no dispute as I turn it in for warranty...
  11. foggy95

    Computer display went blank

    Hoping someone may have had experience with this and suggest a few things to check. Yesterday while riding on the New Jersey Tpk - (conditions hot, dry) - my computer display screen went blank. (The little square screen that shows odometer, temp, time, mpg, etc). All the analog gauges are ok...
  12. foggy95

    GT 02 Optimizer - UPDATE: 6.7.13

    Re: New to Market - 02 Optimizer Hi Todd, First of all, my thanks to you for all your efforts on the behalf of us Guzzi owners. I just installed your 02 Optimiser on my V7 Classic and I echo the good results expressed by others here. I just placed an order for the 02 Optimiser for my other...
  13. foggy95

    V7 Classic/Café/Racer under-tank issues.

    "As a side note, the tank fits so snugly on the front mount that to engage the rear tank bolt requires a monumental amount of pressure be exerted on the tank to push it forward enough to allow the bolt to be threaded. In the near future, I will remove some material from the very rear portion of...
  14. foggy95

    Top speed Small block 750

    "Someone will claim unrealistic speeds. If lucky you'll do the ton. Otherwise count on 150 kmh met on the GPS as a realistic number...." or about 93.2 MPH for us metrically challenged folks. Sounds about right to me...maybe more if you have little compassion for the screaming little lump.
  15. foggy95

    Is a laptop necessary for PCV/AT set-up?

    Thanks guys who responded. Since my original post, I have bought a laptop, new, well under $400. I always wanted one anyway, this was a good excuse. (Told my wife I could save some $$$ if I could do some of my own diagnostics!) Picking up my new Sport 1200 in a fews days ... rain has finally...
  16. foggy95

    Is a laptop necessary for PCV/AT set-up?

    Hi All, Not exactly new to the board, but new to posting here. First off, a big 'thanks' to all who contribute - there is a wealth of knowledge here, which I've been studying up on for hours! My current bike is the V7 Classic, and I have a new (2008) 1200 Sport being prepped at the dealers...
  17. foggy95

    Potential Problems with Potential Purchase?

    I see someone grabbed the Griso in the closing seconds of the auction for $6k. That wasn't you, was it...... :cry:
  18. foggy95


    Looking back at the ads on 'Cycle Trader', I guess I jumped the gun a bit and took for granted that because the SE is listed by 6 different dealers, I assumed they were in stock. Looking at the individual ads closely, they are all using promotional photos in the ads, and nowhere does is it state...
  19. foggy95


    Made the trek up to Motorcycle Mall yesterday. About 2 hour drive each way. I guess I should have called them first, cause they have no Griso on the floor. They did have 2 V7's (Classic & Cafe), a Stelvio, a California, and a 750 Breva. What an unlikely place for a motorcycle store, the roads...
  20. foggy95


    Having seen the various on line pictures and reading much about the Griso SE, I decided I must see one of these magnificant machines in person. The green with white stripes also reminded me of my since departed Centauro Sport, also green with white stripes. The 4v Daytona engine (8v in Griso...