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  1. not-fishing

    Fuel injection cleaner additive

    After 50,000+ miles on my '07 Griso I just pulled the injectors and had them cleaned / tested. it really isn't that hard, It's the only way I know to be sure of how the injectors are doing.
  2. not-fishing

    Help re ECU error code 50 Griso 1100

    Also after you've cleaned the ground to the engine did you check it? I was surprised to find my Lemans showed 200 ohms on the battery to engine lead. I did a little cleaning of the transmission attachment point with a dremel / sanding disk, cleaned the threads of the attaching bolt and the...
  3. not-fishing

    Back into the Griso fold

    My G11 was also a "little slow" until I dropped clamps on the forks. Now I have Five Rings showing above the triple clamps --- it's a Musashi thing Mark
  4. not-fishing

    Replacing a Valve adjustment screw

    My son's doing a valve adjustment screw replacement on the V50-III we resurrected. Does anyone know the torque specs for the rocker arm rail nuts? thanks, Mark Younger
  5. not-fishing

    Griso 1100 does not start when it is hot

    Differing opinions, I did the "startus interruptus" cable fix - no cutting--(mph cycles) on my G1100 but it was probably my weak battery. Now I've learned that it may be the tiny red solenoid wire is undersized for the short but big amp-draw of the solenoid when starting. So being a bit of a...
  6. not-fishing

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the 1200 8V engine tappet failure but were afraid to ask.

    What is missing from the "Everything you wanted to know" is.......... Since CARC will soon not be sold anymore by Dealers; How much are (about --- within a couple of hundred Euro's, USD's, GBP's, Deutschmarks, AUD's, CAD's -- whatever, the internet can do the conversion) the A, B or C kits...
  7. not-fishing

    CARC Reaction Rod

    Did mine last night and only took about a 1/2 hour. Tools needed; 6" vice, 22 mm socket (or some other socket that fits the outside ring of the old block), 1x piece of wood, 11/2" hole saw, washers or some sort of wedge to fit between split of reaction rod, large slot screwdriver. Steps; 1...
  8. not-fishing

    Guzzi Griso handle bar lowering kit

    Beware the tops of the shocks if you have 5 rings showing like I do.
  9. not-fishing

    V50 II carb question.

    Change them both, it made a real difference on the throttle action of my V50-III. Lube them while your at it.
  10. not-fishing

    Need some help for a 1980 V50II

    Also if the V50 sat outside for long water collects in the bottom of the starter, the iron rotor rusts and collects on the bottom of the starter. It will start when cold but once the engine heats up the starter locks up. The fix is a new starter. Don't ask me how I know.
  11. not-fishing

    Knight Designs Lowered Pegs

    I have the rotate-able toe piece. What I'm talking about is the spread (called Q-factor on bicycles) between the pegs. With stock pegs and gripping the sides of the bike (I ride that way from horses) your boots are more inboard so the extension of the toe peg is enough. With the knight...
  12. not-fishing

    Knight Designs Lowered Pegs

    I've been using the knight designs pegs now for 20,000 miles on my Griso and one of the things I've noticed is you have to point your foot inward to pickup the shifter. Going down is not hard just going up. When my 22 year old son rides the Griso he has a real problem with it. I attribute it...
  13. not-fishing

    Periscope, gear indicator

    How does it know???
  14. not-fishing

    Should I get service or do it myself?

    So the nearest Dealer is Elk Grove Powersports. From Fair Oaks it will take you about 45 minutes each way and if you've got to make two trips --- 3 hours just driving. Subtract that from your Guzzi work time. I've done all those service items on my Griso (except the fork oil) and done the...
  15. not-fishing

    Please lets not get crazy.....

    Ran Metzler Roadtech Z8 Interacts, 11,000 miles, front's were still good but I replaced the pair on my G11. I'm running Michelin Pilot Road 4's on the Lemans with a GT rear but I'm not putting miles on it fast enough to know how long they'll last. The local Duc Mechanic that I visit says he...
  16. not-fishing

    Second hand bikes. Yay. :(

    Reused the gasket? We'll you'd better have a pair of red suspenders in your closet. I had to replace the sump on V11 Rosso Corsa because it snapped around the side stand bolt. Luckily the sump was cheap @ $200+. I also had to reuse a sump gasket because I only bought one and the Lemans had...
  17. not-fishing

    These helmets are so Old-School Cool!

    I've been running a Bell Bullitt for more than a year now. It's lighter than my cheap Scorpion "commuting" helmet and flows a lot of air. Two things I like about it is you get a heck of a lot less wind buffet on a naked bike and the peripheral vision is great necessary when avoiding pickup...
  18. not-fishing

    Amphibious Air Cushion on Griso 1200 8V

    The Griso I can ride 14 hrs in a day as long as I take breaks every 90 minutes or so. with a little "standing" on the pegs on quiet straight roads. For my V11 Lemans the legs give out due to the high pegs I decided to raise the seat with a Alaskan Sheepskin seat cover long hair ($80 or so)...
  19. not-fishing

    A new Experiment - cleaning the Injectors.

    Well the injectors went off to Russ Collins and came back with the report Before Cleaning: Injector #1 261.0 cc/min with good pattern, Injector #2 237.0 cc/min and dripping. After Cleaning: Injector #1 270.0 cc/min with excellent pattern, Injector #2 269.0 cc/min with excellent pattern. I...
  20. not-fishing

    Griso broke down :'(

    You might think about taking to a different shop. Decades ago I purchased a new '79 Alfa Spider with an extended warranty. After 6 trips to the Dealer I realized that they could not repair the car and my warranty was worthless. Then I found a little independent shop. The Owner / mechanic...