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  1. AquilaTorre

    Why are EV Motorcycles failling

    Totally agree with you. Alas, this neophobia is as natural as gravity is to a spacecraft. EV tech is still in its modern day infancy. Where battery tech is right now, of COURSE electric motorcycles are going be lagging behind. Of COURSE they're not going to have the same range. Of COURSE...
  2. AquilaTorre

    GTM Monster Builds

    GORGEOUS, excellent work as always! Bravo to you and your team :clap:
  3. AquilaTorre

    V100 Details & Poll

    This is what I'm excited to see! More Guzzi riders worldwide. Seems like the big brass finally have got it together. Like others have mentioned here, the next hurdle is spreading the dealer network. With water cooling + increased tech, maintenance is going to be a bit more complicated, and...
  4. AquilaTorre

    Two wheels for Winter...

    I would LOVE to get into mountain biking, I recently watched a video by Canyon Chasers on YouTube that effectively argued the benefits for riders of crosstraining on pedal bikes. From fitness, to getting a feel for when the front/rear begins to walk out, the ability to do it in the winter, and...
  5. AquilaTorre

    V7III Footpeg Options

    After a muddy mishap, I found that Harley Dyna fit with only minor modification! There's a small tab that needs to be ground/cut off but otherwise fit no issue. I found a local dealer that even machines their own pegs from billet, and my V7 is even more hipster than ever :)
  6. AquilaTorre

    V100 Details & Poll

    Hey, that's what our old(er) machines are for! I'm not leaving my V7 for anything :) I'm all for this bike, finally something to put Guzzi on the modern spec sheet and hopefully growing the rider base. I'm pining after every single Guzzi that pops up here in Alberta, but to be completely...
  7. AquilaTorre

    NEW GTM V7-9 AirBox Ring and DNA HF Filter

    I'd love to report back, but due to some unforeseen circumstances I only JUST received my filter and snow is in the forecast here... (by the way thanks again Todd for helping me with that license plate bracket supplier situation :)). Plus I'm in Canada so nowhere close to GTM's dyno :D
  8. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    I expect it will! Just ordered a pair so I'll let ya know how the install goes, neighbour!
  9. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    Yeah! Have some cosmetics and controls to sort out, but as we say in the knife/everyday carry community, the blade (bike in this case) isn't yours until it bites you. I'm in mostly good spirits, kinda bummed it happened but just gotta keep moving forward :happy:
  10. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    Missed your comment on the forum, but ended up getting them anyway so I'm covered now for the future when I do more dumb things like this :D
  11. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    For sure! Yeah I gave it a couple tries yesterday but it definitely looks like I'll need a blowtorch.
  12. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    Gotta ride what you got :)
  13. AquilaTorre

    I learned a good lesson through a grave mistake.

    Yesterday I learned several things while being young and reckless. 1.I found out the rough way that my V7 is meant for the road and not for deep mud. Was going way too fast, overestimated my skill. Tires obviously caked up with mud and I lost traction trying to recorrect my line, ended up...
  14. AquilaTorre

    New to the forum

    I believe the above posts are right about the warranty. In regards to helmets, they are very subjective. First, I'd recommend finding your head shape, then going from there. There are a bunch of resources online in places like YouTube. For safety, I prefer ECE standards to DOT and now even...
  15. AquilaTorre

    New to the forum

    Welcome! To touch on the lock/security point of view, know that there is no such thing as an impenetrable security system. Only harder to crack ones. For myself, I use a couple of wheel locks, one alarms, my bike's steering lock, a throttle lock, a locking steel cable (hoping to upgrade to a...
  16. AquilaTorre

    Bitubo Suspension options for V7

    Awesome, I love that you're stocking so many options for suspension upgrades. May be interested in a set depending on their performance compared w/ the other offerings, along w/ if they're IFP design or not.
  17. AquilaTorre

    Head-scratcher - '21 HD Sportster S

    Hahaha, yeah absolutely. I voiced an interest in riding motorcycles one day and my dad offered to give me a quick run down of riding on his SV1000. Nothing on a busy road thankfully, just some stop and go stuff in front of our house. I had to be so careful when opening the throttle, it felt like...
  18. AquilaTorre

    Head-scratcher - '21 HD Sportster S

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Todd. I only started riding 4 years ago, but after learning on my dad's SV1000 (terrible idea), then getting my Ninja 250, then getting my V7, I've come to the same conclusion as you. There is no point in getting a motorcycle with massive HP numbers, they're just...
  19. AquilaTorre

    Edson to Yukon and back - July 2021

    Love it, super jealous of your tour! The heat wave kinda smushed my confidence in riding during my time off.... I can usually fix something if it goes wrong, but it would have taken time, time that I didn't want to spend in blistering 35 degree weather :(
  20. AquilaTorre

    Agostini Mandello del Lario

    I can respect that. I try to repair before I replace as well for environmental and financial reasons lol! That said, I can also vouch for Todd's products if you do decide to go down that route. The stingers he made me not only turn heads on the street, but at the dealership too! They're...