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  1. Perazzimx14

    GuzziTech product accusations/response

    I certainly could have chosen a lot better wording and I have changed that as well. I hope you make million of dollars selling your products and I hope you continue to keep making products that improve the brand. I lose site of the captiol investment and BS&T that go into products transforming...
  2. Perazzimx14

    GuzziTech product accusations/response

    Funny thing is the "other" site is a discussion only board and they offer no competing product(s) other than information. 99.9% of the time when your name or site come up on the "other" site it is the regulars pushing newbies your way for ECU reflashes and other services/products you offer. In...
  3. Perazzimx14

    Looking to upgrade the wheel rims

    And like all of his offerings they are no doubt quality but sometimes prohibitively expensive. $2,230 for aset of wheels is a big nut.
  4. Perazzimx14

    A Tire Thread

    I bet you will find the factory Pirelli tube is split at one of the seams. Mine split at 677 mile and I know of another local V7R rider that also had the same problem .
  5. Perazzimx14

    V7 Racer / all V7's canister question

    My V7R canister fell off the bike when it only had 7/10ths of a mile on it. Then the number plates, faux leather trim, fly screen, wheels, gauge cluster bracket and rear fender ;)
  6. Perazzimx14

    Add my wife to the V7 racer owners list #569

    Don't be surprised if the supermoto starts collecting dust and you are adding Guzzi's to the garage. Guzzi's are infectious!
  7. Perazzimx14

    No pop pop pop

    Have you ridded the bike when it is up to temperature and enjoy the same results...no pop, pop, pop? Mine is fine for about two miles, once the exhaust heats up and I leave off the throttle it sounds like I light a strip of black cat fire crackers and threw them behind the bike. Exhaust is not...
  8. Perazzimx14

    Low Fuel Level Indicator Adjustment

    I use the NAPA 3032's in my Ducati's. They are terribly expensive though something like $6 :D .
  9. Perazzimx14

    Best base for a Caferacer

    http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=21821.0 Here is a V50 transformed into a cafe' bike.
  10. Perazzimx14

    Cant get the front brakes to bleed

    1. Pull the bleeder valve the whole way out and make sure it is not plugged. 2. Go to the auto parts store and buy a vacuum brake bleeder. Ther run about $30 but well worth it. I just finished bleeding the brakes on my V50 earlier this morning. Some of the metal hoses were gummed up and so...
  11. Perazzimx14

    Griso oil

    Doesn't your dealer have a computer with internet access? That's all I need to find Moto Guzzi spec'ed AGIP 10w-60. Heck I can even get it delivered to my house.
  12. Perazzimx14

    V7 Racer - bar end weights

    Perazzimx, Tungsten washers aren't available in sizes anywhere close. Is your offer to cast some lead weights still open? Joe Joe, Offer is still valid. Check your PM's
  13. Perazzimx14

    2 into 1 Exhaust for V7r

    If I can help out I have access to 304 or 316 SS process tubing in .065 wall. I can get 20' length in 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2" 3" and 4". All OD diameter.
  14. Perazzimx14

    brake disc rotor bobbins griso 1100

    Your mechanic would fall over if he saw the really floating front discs on my Ducati 900ss. Thy probably had 2mm of fore/aft movement 20,000 miles ago.
  15. Perazzimx14

    Transmission oil

    When the transmission is in neutral what is the clutch engaged against?
  16. Perazzimx14

    Transmission oil

    Its a dry clutch! Its going to make some noise! If you want the noise to go away buy a bike with a wet clutch. You can put Redline Heavy Shockproof, Holy Water, Cod liver oil, unicorn blood or whatever else you want in the transmission and it will not quit down the clutch. If by chance...
  17. Perazzimx14

    Looking to buy V7 Racer but concerned...

    I sold off my big block Griso 1100 and kept my V7R.
  18. Perazzimx14

    Looking to buy V7 Racer but concerned...

    I sold my 143 HP Ducati 848 to fund my V7R. Peak HP numbers are something as I get older I tend to disreguard. I like the seat of the pants dyno. You can read all you want but you need to find a bike to test drive. That will tell you if the V7 series is a good fit. Also there was a 2012 V7R...
  19. Perazzimx14

    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    Re: V7 picture thread The gauge lowering bracket is Todd's the fnder eliminator is from Cafe' Twin in the UK. The rear turn signals were $15 arrows that my local shop had. I don't like them but unitl I find what I am looking for they serve the purpose. I also made a wiring harness that plugs...
  20. Perazzimx14

    Terrible Experience with V7 Racer 2012

    The one thing I know about my local geography is there are 10 parts stores within 5 miles that have barbed tee's and hose clamps you need. Again PM me you or your dealer address and I will get two 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" brass barbed tees and six 1/2" stainless steel hose clamps in the mail to you...