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    1.5 hrs for break-in service on V7 Racer..?

    My local dealer told me 4 hours and 540dollars. Seems like a bit much. The valves are so easy to adjust. Oh well I want the dealers first service. The rest might just happen in my garage
  2. H

    V7 III Suspension Thread

    So I had a pair of Audace rear shocks lying around. I decided to see if they fit my V7iii. They are only a little heavier the the stock shocks. They fit! I took a bunch of Preload out and adjusted the dampening. They are about a half inch longer then stock. Really like where they put the bike...
  3. H

    Multi Media Bluedash Installation

    Yes I have and it is pretty cool. Make sure you add a usb power source for you phone or it will lose power fast
  4. H

    2017 V7 III windscreen options ?

    Here is an example of a Guzzi windshield. It is pricey but it is nice.
  5. H

    I’m back again!!! V7 iii stone

    The Kawasaki was not much heavier but it did not have as low a center of gravity as the V7.
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    I’m back again!!! V7 iii stone

    It was fantastic. I liked it quite a bit. I would have kept it but I did not want multiple bike payments. I have the new Honda goldwing as well. It is fast enough if I want more power. It is bigger and heavier too but it rides real nice. The V7 gives me a fun small bike to complement my heavy...
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    V7 Registry & Picture thread -- ADD YOUR BIKE

    ZGULDU000HM000266 V7iii “Falcone” dealer painted and named. Minstrel slip-on, media device added.
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    I’m back again!!! V7 iii stone

    So it’s hard to be a Guzzi guy without a Guzzi. So I am back. I bought a left over 2017 that the dealer had painted. My local dealer took good care of me. They always do. They make owning a Guzzi simple. I added Minstrel slip-ons, Multistrada kit, & Rizoma mirrors. I have the Guzzi windshield...
  9. H

    Audace Handlebar thread

    I ordered the parts from AF1 in Texas. I called there store to discuss the c-bow bag mounts. They had the part numbers to make it happen. As far as the sissy bar. I found it on AF1 under the California model. I add a couple of thicker washers to the mount under the seat. This pushed it up just...
  10. H

    Custom 1400 comparison

    So I’m a bike whore, what are you accusing me of. Lol, ya I have a problem and need intervention. I’m a bikeaholic. I promise cross my heart to keep the bikes in my garage this time for more then a year. The Audace is a great bike. I just seem to always find another seat for my butt. I am not...
  11. H

    Considering an Audace or El Dorado

    I have an Audace and I love her. I have also had a California touring model. I prefer the Audace as she is less old manish. The California was very nice though. I had around 8000 miles on the CA. I have only about 1500 miles on the Audace so far. All I can say is it is a very nice bike to ride.
  12. H

    Custom 1400 comparison

    I had a Victory Octane all set up that I traded for my Audace. The Victory was very nice but it was spartan. No features, just a motorcycle. The motor was nice as was the bike but I prefer the Guzzi. It is more of a keeper. The Octane I choose over the Indian because of the tire sizes. I hate...
  13. H

    Custom 1400 comparison

    groundhog I have met you and your Guzzi is awesome. Don’t fear doing your 4 corners tour on it. Did someone say Roush? Not only do Guzzi’s tickle me but Roush’s do too. I used to work for Roush. So haveing A Roush Mustang means something to me.
  14. H

    2018 Guzzi models

    I love the look of it. I hope it is better then the bike it borrows it’s engine from. I also hope it is 80hp. Love the bike.
  15. H

    Sunrise hwy

    Yep what he said. I like the smaller bags. If they made larger bags that didn’t look vintage, leathery, or suited the styling I would consider them. These match the style of the bike. I can still lane split. Keeping a helmet in my bags is not a selling point. I can carry stuff as long as it is...
  16. H

    2018 Guzzi models

    Guzzi is going to be at the Long Beach show this year. I expect they will debut the new models. I might have to go.
  17. H

    Sunrise hwy

    Took the Audace for a little morning run. She and I are happy. What a lovely day. Sunrise highway was marvelous today
  18. H

    V9 vs V7 III Special vs T120

    You would not be the only Victory guy opineing the glory's of Guzzi. I had an Octane and a Guzzi side by each. I would speak fondly of the Guzzi. I do love me an Italian.
  19. H

    Audace Handlebar thread

    The Matris shocks are dampened perfect. No harsh rebound or compression. Really smooths the ride out. In the corners she stays planted and does nothing silly. I did not mind the stock suspension until I rode with the Matris shocks.
  20. H

    Announcing a So Cal Guzzi Rally Oct 13-14-15

    I'm local, I might stop in to say hi. I'll drag another Guzzi guy with me.