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    Looking at a 2012 Norge, advice requested

    Again, I appreciate the shared wisdom. :clap: In the process of posting here, I found a member less than 4 hours away here in FL that is selling his 2012 that has been confirmed to have been retrofitted. We've communicated & I'm going to look at it next weekend.
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    Looking at a 2012 Norge, advice requested

    Thanks for the replies, I'm going to pass on this one.
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    Looking at a 2012 Norge, advice requested

    I found a 2012 white Norge on Cycle Trader, private sale for $5K with 21K miles. The VIN indicates it is in the affected range for the roller lifter issue per the thread on this site. I contacted the seller, who is the original owner. He said the recall was never done, nor was it needed per his...
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    Norge Headlamp Upgrade

    Try visiting the site bulbfacts.com. They break down (and independently test) bulbs that work best with projector and reflector style housings. They do not interchange, mixing them results in poor light distribution and things such as blinding oncoming cars. I bought a mid-range reflector LED...
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    Three Norge questions: 4V vs 8V oil change, bike purchse inspections, colors?

    I'm still shopping for a Norge, but have finally listed my GSX for sale. The selection process continues: First question: I have watched a few YT videos about maintenance- specifically oil changes- and is it much easier access on the 8V motors? It seems like the earlier bikes needed to have a...
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    New member- as my name says, I'm Norge shopping

    Thanks for the links & info Bill (and others). I think the other link posted is the one I read about the valve tappet issue. I'm in the Tallahassee area, Ormond looks to be about a 2.5 hour ride. I'm going to have to unload the GSX-G before the other half of the acquisition committee gives the...
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    New member- as my name says, I'm Norge shopping

    Hello, I have ridden mainly shaft drive Suzukis for the past 30 years, my current commuter bike is a 1992 GSX1100G with factory fairing I repaired for daily use about 9 years ago. I also have a Microsquirt project going on for my 1981 GS1000G. I've owned quite a few bikes over the course of my...