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  1. G

    Hot stelvio exhaust

    Folks, Recently my girlfriend has burned her ankle on the exhaust shield on the left side of the Stelvio. The clamps are tight and no leaks are present. I have removed the shield and wrapped the pipe and lower catalyst with header insulation and applied a reflective blanket on the interior of...
  2. Nate McD

    Exhaust Questions:

    What is the 'kick-out' angle on the outlet from the (stock) H-pipe (Eldo 1400) to the muffler? It looks to be about 10 to 15 degrees off the centerline of the bike.
  3. Hippo-Drones

    Moto Guzzi V85 TT | Zard Exhaust Install

    My Moto Guzzi V85 TT is lovely, but out the box it is a bit quiet, so I got hold of a Zard titanium slip-on silencer, it looks great and is a decent weight saving too. With the baffles it is very inoffensive, so should keep the noise police happy too! :D
  4. Colt

    V7III 2020 - Updating to 2-in-1 Arrow Exhaust

    I'm considering updating my stock dual exhaust to Arrow's 2-in-1 system. Can anyone provide some input here? Are there concerns to doing this? Does this cause any additional stress on the engine or valves? Thanks, Colt PS - I'm a noob, so my understanding of benefits for dual exhaust vs...
  5. Darren Bates

    Looking to trade my Baak exhaust on my '15 V7 (too loud for me)

    Hello all! This is my first post, so forgive me if I miss any key details. I inherited a lovely '15 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone with the complete Baak kit. It's my first MG, and I absolutely love it. However, I have very sensitive hearing, and despite trying every earplug out there, the Baak exhaust...
  6. Richard Zuluaga

    Looking for some technical advice on aftermarket parts

    Ciao, fellow Guzzi owners! I'm new to the Moto Guzzi owner club but thrilled to be here! I purchased my first Moto Guzzi last year, a 2017 V7III special. I've ridden it stock, just how it came out of the dealership, and am now interested in personalizing it a bit. The three immediate changes...
  7. GTM®


    Dyno graph below showing 80(!) rwhp with our GTM TT Werks Full system with the long Meg, DIY open air box with high-flow filter and GTM RB EVO Fuel Kit w/GTM SAS Kit. Proto Full System with Short Meg: GTM Stepped Header system eliminates the silly covers. Skid plate stays: Short Meg: Long...
  8. Mumbufuku

    Heated grips only work on one side

    Noticed that only the left side grip is heating up. It also takes a really long time to heat up, about 5 minutes before I feel anything. How do i go about diag on the heated grips? Also if anyone has an official moto guzzi luggage rack they'd be willing to sell me please let me know! Also...
  9. Roose

    Exhaust mods and Cali laws.

    More of a heads up to those in Cali or planning visits. $1000 for exhaust mods, OUCH! Evidently you used to be able to "fix it." Unfortunately they've taken that away. https://speedsociety.com/breaking-california-exhaust-law-changed-automatic-1000-fine-non-correctable/
  10. Michael Boeglin

    Amazing improvements on 2018 V7 iii with GT ECU flash and new exhaust

    I just finished upgrading my wife’s V7 iii with Mistral short exhaust, evap delete and GT’s ECU reflash service. I didn’t realize until I rode it with the new mods just how badly it was running with the factory mapping and pipes. All of the roughness is gone and I can feel the difference when I...
  11. guzzisti91

    Crossover Pipe idea

    Hey all, i have seen a few crossover pipes online that replace the canister "expansion chamber", & i've read some posts on this site by people who have installed them, but they cost around $60-$90, & appear to be little more than a piece of stainless steel pipe. With this in mind, i'm thinking...
  12. Maj Steve Trevor

    Feedback on exhaust/muffler options for V7iii..?

    As posted on the registry page, I just got my brand new V7 Anniversario, and of course am immediately thinking of possible mods. One thing I will want to do for sure, though perhaps not until after winter storage, is to switch out the pipes for something a bit smaller and bit louder. I am...
  13. Benjamin Eley

    Suggestions for exhaust for my '04 Breva 750

    Hi guys, I have a 2004 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 and I am looking to put some aftermarket exhaust on it. I've been looking into GPR Exhaust and the Dual Homologated FURORE NERO (BLACK) Slip-on kit caught my eye first. But I noticed they also have a Dual Link Pipe kit (2 to 1) designed for some of...
  14. frnco

    Help identify this exhaust system

    does anybody know where to find similar exhaust system?
  15. thesideoutrocker

    To Wrap or Not to Wrap (Headers)

    I'm just curious and wanted to get some of your guys' take on wrapping headers. Especially on the V7's (mine is a 2016 V7 II Stone and I live out in the dry desert region of the US where temperatures reach as high as 115F degrees or 46C degrees during the summer). Yes, I am aware there is the...
  16. G

    2016 V7 ii can has muffler too?

    Reading the description for the stainless H pipe and headers (with black ceramic option!) I am left with a teensy bit of trepidation that they don't fit the '16 models. Anyone know? Thanks! GuzziDrew Seattle 2016 V7 II Stone
  17. ichats

    Agostini Exhausts for Audace 2015

    Hi all! Brand new Moto Guzzi owner here, and just switched over from Harley. Having a hard time here in Sweden sourcing after market parts. Have found an exhaust from Agostini that I like in the US, and wondering if some knowledgeable person could indicate whether this will work on a European...
  18. Auris

    Wrong mixture after replacing mufflers v65?

    Recently I replaced my old mufflers for a set of used stock v65 SP (my bike is not SP) mufflers, which look almost the same only 2 cm shorter. I went for a ride they felt great. But after the engine warmed up it started hesitating when accelerating. It would idle ok, but as soon as I pull the...
  19. ploose

    Squeaking exhaust, crossover, heat shields

    Hello folks I get squeaking from somewhere in the exhaust system mostly 2k-2.5k rpm under throttle. I think it might be the heat shields. Had it with the original MG exhaust but also now on my Agostinies. Tightened bolts etc but to no avail. Any remedies?
  20. dejfidek

    After market Exhaust/Muffler

    Hi riders, I would like to replace stock exhausts of my V7 Stone 2013. I live in NZ an here we are quite limited with exhaust options. Our dealers here offer Zard only and one of them started offering some no name for half price of the Zard. When I asked for ECU programming/re-flash, the...