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  1. GTM®

    2021-on V85TT E5 Performance thread

    All, this thread will house performance info on the 2021+ V85TT I should finally have access to mapping in the next few weeks. Any takers here in SoCal interested in being the first in for testing? This will just involve a few days in for some mild dyno testing and installation of a new device I...
  2. Hippo-Drones

    My Long Term Review of my V85TT

    If of interest, here is a video review of my thoughts about the V85 after 15 months ownership:
  3. Hippo-Drones

    Took my V85TT on a few trails in search of a Brew....

    I had said in the past that I wasn't going to take my V85 out on any more trails (green lanes in the UK), but it was a lovely day, so I thought, why not?!?! :-)
  4. trondareo

    V85TT broken passenger peg bracket

    My 2019 model has been running Kappa panniers for 10000km. Their frame is mounted to 4 points on the bike. Today I discovered a crack by the lower screw on the passenger footpeg bracket. one of the places it mounts. The peg bracket has become loose and rattles, so I have to get a new one. Has...
  5. M

    V85TT Travel 2021 Euro 5 Spare Alarm Remote Controls

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a source for extra Remote Alarm Fobs? The dealer here in Spain is avoiding the question and a Guzzi parts supplier in Germany says only the complete system is available, extra remotes are not available. Seems ridiculous to me especially as the...
  6. Chris Jessop

    V85TT Loose Bits

    It might just be my V85TT but it's worth checking your sump guard bolts. While cleaning the bike this morning after yesterdays 220 mile ride I noticed that the front of the sump guard was loose. The front two M8 x 16 bolts that secure the black steel bracket to the sump were missing. The...
  7. Hippo-Drones

    Green Lanes on my V85 TT

    The V85 TT is a cracking bike, I could do with a few extra inches (that's what she said) in my legs, and the tyres (Anakee Adventure) were just about (with my ability) at the top end of their ability, but what a cracking little ride to grab a brew over at Newlands Corner in Surrey.
  8. M

    V85tt spare socket/plug

    Apologies if this has been asked already but I'm a middle aged returning to bike luddite. I fitted a spare USB and the MIA to my 2019 v85tt adventure and wander what the remaining spare socket is about. I would also appreciate a direction to a manual like haynes used to publish anywhere. Pleez Ty.
  9. GTM®


    We will have the RB Evo fuel kit online for purchase HERE - for 2019/20 V85TT's ONLY for now. The kit is similar to a PC-V, but better in that it uses the stock 02-sensors to help correct the fueling in real time once a solid base map is established... and the cost is $525 retail. This kit...
  10. Hippo-Drones

    Moto Guzzi V85TT "Travel" | First Impressions

    I recently discovered I have a Moto Guzzi dealership a lot closer to me than the other 2 I would normally use, which was a perfect excuse to take a demo on the lovely V85TT :-)
  11. M

    v85tt Foot Peg, and TFT Dash issues

    My TFT dash is coming loose, and I'm going to see if I can tighten it, but it looks like I'll have to take my stock windshield off. If anyone has fixed a similar problem, I would appreciate hearing from you. My second problem is more bizarre. The left side foot peg is somehow "locked" in it's...
  12. J

    V85TT trans failure--help?

    I apologize in advance for the length, there's a lot going on here— I'm trying to ask around on behalf of my father, who is having a rough time with his new V85TT. As a bit of a background, he bought the bike towards the end of April and while trailering the bike home from the dealership, the...
  13. TenBelowGriso

    V85 highway riding impressions

    Didn't want to clog up another thread with this discussion, but I mentioned it in the registry thread. I'm desperately in love with my V85 in a lot of ways, and it's absolutely lovely around town or on back roads, but once I get up around 75 MPH or so, I get some nasty vibrations through the...
  14. breh

    V85TT MIA platform

    Hi all, I have V85TT with MIA. I successfully paired my phone to BTROUTER and head set into Guzzi app as well . I am hearing command from navi in the headset but no more. On bike display I can see incoming talk or music playing activity but nothing hearing in head set . Very strange . does...
  15. GTM®

    V85TT Evap and Tip Info

    First service done yesterday on the GTM V85TT, which included some exploratory investigation on the inner workings. Below is info on the evap and tip valve to eliminate the fuel tank pressurization and future running issues, like all other V7/V9s. I ran out of time to see if they used the half...
  16. GTM®


    Dyno graph below showing 80(!) rwhp with our GTM TT Werks Full system with the long Meg, DIY open air box with high-flow filter and GTM RB EVO Fuel Kit w/GTM SAS Kit. Proto Full System with Short Meg: GTM Stepped Header system eliminates the silly covers. Skid plate stays: Short Meg: Long...