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65L white top case installed

Discussion in 'Cal 1400 8V' started by Burak Ataman, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Burak Ataman

    Burak Ataman Just got it firing!

    Feb 23, 2015
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    Vancouver Canada
    I had ordered the Guzzi 65L top case 10 days ago from Pacific Motorsports in Richmond BC. Their price was by far the best you can get. I got the case for about USD 1150.00 plus tax. Picked the rack and case today. Called my friend to help me and we installed it in about 45 minutes. And here are some pictures after the install.

    BTW It looks really great. I am happy that I did not order the smaller case. This large one looks much better. I had read an article in this forum claiming that Nolan N104 helmet not fitting in. That's not true. It did fit perfectly. Maybe two of them wouldn't fit but could not check that.

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  2. Laurent Arams

    Laurent Arams Just got it firing!

    Mar 27, 2015
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    I've also been looking at the truck for my 2014 Guzzi. Great job on the installation.

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