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Breva door stop

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand' started by ghezzi, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. ghezzi

    ghezzi High Miler GT Contributor

    Jul 7, 2011
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    Went to Springwood Suzuki this morning (also Aprilia/Guzzi dealer) for a coffee and look - at real bikes. Grant turns up on his 50,000k but immaculate 750 Breva and wonders in for coffee as well.

    An elderley gent turns up on his brand new VFR1200 crosstourer offroad thingy, the one with the fully automatic gearbox = NO CLUTCH LEVER. Elderly gent decides to park his bike at 45 degrees to all the others in the BIKE park. (ignoring the painted lines)

    An engine rev, a tyre chirp, a lunge forward ................... straight into the Breva which flew into the garden .............................

    Scarry part is, later in the day what I thought was my neutral light was actually my turn signal "indicator" flashing on the dash .................. in green. So I let the clutch lever go but luckily I just stalled.

    The elderly gent probably has 20 years on me, but I feel for him ......................... this getting old sucks!

    Upside for Grant, first motorcycle accident he's ever been involved in and he wasn't even on the bike. Minor cosmetic damage, elderly gent has insurance so it should all end well.

    I still say, getting old sucks.
  2. Squardy

    Squardy Just got it firing!

    May 30, 2011
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    Sorry to hear that Gheezi sounds like you were very tolerant.

    I have only been to Springwood Suzuki once and that was on a recent trip north . I was in a rental car and luckily no one knocked it over in the car park. I am from Newcastle and we have no Guzzi dealer here, which I cannot believe as Newcastle is the largest city outside Sydney in the state of NSW.

    Any way Springield Suzuki are an agent for Guzzi in Queensland, you guys have all the luck, and they have a great cafeteria where my wife and I had our lunch and were photographed buy staff on the new Cali 1400.

    I ordered new heated grips, levers for the Norge, and dri rider pants a Jacket, guzzi tee shirts and a jumper. I tell you, even though they are located in Qland this is no issue. They have a secret weapon otherwise known as 'Kyle' she is awesome when it comes to customer service.

    She continually stays in contact after you place an order and backs up her words with actions. I will definitely be ordering all my Guzzi stuff through Kyle I mean springwood Suzuki, I mean Bikes are Us from now on.
    You guys in Qland are lucky you have her.


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