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Cal 1400 Touring Top Case color match

Discussion in 'Cal 1400 8V' started by KCM, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. KCM

    KCM Just got it firing!

    Apr 14, 2019
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    Pretty close to closing the deal on a 1400 Touring. A new 2017. Like the red color. I would need the top case. I like the QR aspect of the 50 lt box vs the 65 lt. Plus the 65 looks monstrously huge in comparison. And it sounds like the price is monstrously huge also. So from what I've seen the 50 isn't available in red.
    Surely I'm not the first guy in the world looking for color match in that part? What are owners doing? I can't find anything about MG paint codes for rosso amaranto. Any knowledge would be appreciated. First time dipping my toe in the MG world. Maybe.
  2. sir fred

    sir fred Tuned and Synch'ed

    Jun 25, 2015
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    western ny
    I bought paint from TouchUpDirect in the past for my 2015 Cali 1400 custom but for some reason they are not offering all the past color options. So I asked my friend who owns a collision shop and he told me to go to an auto paint store who has a spectrometer. They can analyze the stock paint on a panel of the bike and closely match it. The store by me is called Paint Masters Auto Finishes. I have a fairing that I need to get painted now.

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