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Error codes for 5AM ECUs

Discussion in 'CARC' started by GT-Rx®, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. GT-Rx®

    GT-Rx® Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 1, 2009
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    The dashboard receives from the central computer only actual faults
    Vcc = + 5Volts. Gnd = Ground or Frame C.C. = Component connector (this is my guess)

    ECU Error Code 10 - Error throttle valve C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 11 - throttle valve C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 14 - Engine temperature C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 15 - Engine temperature C.C Gnd
    ECU Error Code 16 - Air temperature C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 17 - Air temperature C.C Gnd
    ECU Error Code 20 - Low battery
    ECU Error Code 21 - Lambda sensor (O2 Sensor in exhaust)
    ECU Error Code 22 - Ignition coil 1 C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 23 - Ignition coil 1 C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 24 - Ignition coil 2 C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 25 - Ignition coil 2 C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 26 - Injector 1 C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 27 - Injector 1 C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 30 - Injector 2 C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 31 - Injector 2 C.C. Gnd (This is not listed but I suppose that this is the function)
    ECU Error Code 36 - Pump relay
    ECU Error Code 37 - Local Loop-back
    ECU Error Code 44 - Relay starter C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 45 - Relay starter C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 46 - Canister C.C Vcc
    ECU Error Code 47 - Canister C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 50 - Battery high
    ECU Error Code 51 - ECU general
    ECU Error Code 54 - Instrument panel
    ECU Error Code 55 - Autoadaptation Tito I (I have no idea what this is.)
    ECU Error Code 56 - Vehicle speed
    ECU Error Code 60 - Stepper C.A.
    ECU Error Code 61 - Stepper C.C. Vcc
    ECU Error Code 62 - Stepper C.C. Gnd
    ECU Error Code 00 - Unknown


    DSB 01 - Immobiliser fault: key code read but not recognised or key code not read
    DSB 02 - Key not present or transponder broken
    DSB 03 - Immobiliser fault: Antenna broken (open or short-circuit)
    DSB 04 - Immobilizer fault: internal controller fault
    DSB 05 - Fuel sensor fault
    DSB 06 - Air temperature sensor fault
    DSB 07 - Oil sensor fault DSB
    DSB 08 - Oil pressure fault

    The dashboard maintains memory of old errors.

    Engine oil sensor faults:
    The dashboard will reveal oil pressure faults as well as sensor faults. The oil sensor fault is detected with engine stopped and key in on position, if the sensor is not conducting (open circuit). This fault is indicated by lightening the warning “service” that will remain lit also with engine running.
    Abnormal oil pressure is indicated with engine running at an rpm higher than 2000 rpm and the sensor conducting (shorted). In this case the fault is indicated by lighting the icon “oilcan.” In both cases codes are stored in the diagnostic memory of the dashboard.
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  2. Oz1200Guzzi

    Oz1200Guzzi High Miler

    Sep 14, 2009
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    Mount Kembla, NSW, Australia
    Thanks Todd
  3. Mi_ka

    Mi_ka High Miler

    May 14, 2010
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    Thessaly, Greece
    By the way, any idea if:
    Are the error codes sent once & then cancelled by ECU to dashboard special "clear" command / looped every x seconds from the ECU to dashboard?/ once on ignition ON etc or whenever?

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