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fine tuning carbs on a restored V75

Discussion in 'Small Block' started by redwitch, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. redwitch

    redwitch Tuned and Synch'ed

    Oct 9, 2015
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    Hi everybody. a french guzzi man, I just restored a V75, had to change the exausts, (too rusted) for short "megaton" pipes, with sound killer. also put KN filters. I look for carb settings for this combination, if someone allready tried it.
    I feel the mix is too lean, and i plan to put 10 points more on main jets, but I don't know about idle jets? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    good rides to all. regards. Hervé Gouinguenet.
  2. jr1967

    jr1967 Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Oct 29, 2008
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    I don't know about your specific bike. But generally for the idle jets, if the air or fuel screw adjustment is more or less the same amount of turns as the stock bike settings from the manual(like 1-3/4 turns out), you should be good.
    The main jet is ONLY used during 3/4 to full throttle.
    Anything between 1/4 - 3/4 throttle is a combination of idle and needle/emulsion tube.
    And then there is the throttle slide cut off to play with if you're bike has a stumble in pick up, which is very possible with K&N's.
    Easiest way to ensure that you are not running lean and damage your bike is to go for a quick dyno run and an get advice on how to re-jet your bike.
    Experimenting with jets and do spark plug color interpretation is time consuming and often very inaccurate with the types of fuel available today.

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