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Griso PC-V/AT install

Discussion in 'Griso-Bella Chat & Tech' started by GTM®, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. GTM®

    GTM® Administrator Staff Member GT di Razza Pura

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Directions HERE. Notes on PC-V/AT function will be posted in the main Tech section.

    Install Guide for the GuzziTech custom PC-V and AutoTune module


    1. Remove seat.

    2. Remove gas tank "wings" on each side.

    3. Remove battery. You can remove the rubber battery tray if you'd like, though it's easy to slide both PC-V harness lines under it without removing. If you remove the tray, be aware of the battery tray drain.

    4. Lay the PC-V on the airbox.

    5. Feed the PC-V wires to each side through the battery opening, and to each side of the inner air-box. The wires can be moved to the very bottom (underneath) the air-box once in place.

    The harness side with the single grey wire goes to the right side (on bike) which is the side with the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).

    Right side shown below is already through. Be sure that wires clear any pinch points and do *not* interfere with the throttle linkage/function:


    6. On the right side, first locate and disconnect the injector plug by pushing down on the wired clip and pull off:


    7. Next unplug the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) plug from atop the right side throttle body (shown below to the left of the photo with the yellow witness paint on top). Locate the red wire in the TPS plug (not the injector wire or PC-V harness), and install the Posi-tap connector. Re-connect TPS when done.


    8. Install the injector plugs next. Male to OEM plug and female to injector from the PC-V harness:


    9. Same for the injector on the left side. It's easier to push the OEM injector wire to the bottom of the intake maifold for installation.

    When done, be sure that all plugs are routed away from high-heat sources and free of throttle linkage.


    10. For those who are disconnecting the 02-sensor (ECU swap), remove the starter, clip the wire ties for the plug as shown below. Disconnect and remove the sensor. The upper plug below is part of the factory harness, and can be waterproofed with shrink-wrap or eq as desired.


    11. For those installing the AutoTune module, thread/tighten the new Bosch wide-band sensor into the exhaust. Connect the fused lambda/02-sensor plug and run the wire up and under the seat frame rails.

    The sensor lock-plug can be zip-tied to the swingarm pivot tube. Be sure it's clear of the shift mechanism and arm.

    If you are not using the AutoTune (w/ECU swap), remove the OEM 02-sensor, and plug the hole:


    12. Route all wires along each side of the air-box, and towards the tail-light assembly. For those leaving the stock airbox lid, remove the lid to make room for the installation of the PC-V (and AutoTune as applicable). Install the 6 wires into the AutoTune unit as described in the instructions at this time. Shorten the power and ground lead from the AutoTune to @12-14" from the unit at this time. Be sure to user the jumper cable to the PC-V and plastic termination cap on the AutoTune in the remaining connector location. You can now install all of the supplied rubber plugs into both units as applicable. The AutoTune unit requires a "switchable 12v power source" - you can use the tag/license plate power. The plug is deep in the tail-section (nearly touching the back of the tail-light assembly) - it has a yellow and blue wire as shown below. The yellow wire is the positive lead. Reconnect when done.


    13. The PC-V and the AutoTune need to be grounded. I used the empty hole in the frame, opposite the small fuse cluster (shown left below) for both.

    The PC-V & AutoTune units can be mounted using the supplied velcro to the inner fender plastic. For those running the stock airbox, the rubber snorkle from the airbox (not shown below) clears both units when installed as shown below.


    14. Re-install all body parts, checking to be sure all connections are free and clear of high-heat and pinch points. I'll post on the Forum on the operation of both PC-V and AutoTune.

    15. Enjoy.
  2. evev

    evev Just got it firing!

    Feb 26, 2021
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    could you pls update the picture, TA

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