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Hot starting problem, colored head pipes

Discussion in 'Cal 1400 8V' started by MattKrajo, May 27, 2019.

  1. MattKrajo

    MattKrajo Just got it firing!

    May 27, 2019
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    Hello guys,

    I am new here. I bought Cali custom on spring. Its a 2013 with 11000 km on odo.

    1. I noticed starting problem when engine is warmed. Sometimes it starts with no problem on first attempt, somethime it tooks 5 second of turning starter, sometimes I need to stop holding starting button and try again. Spark plugs are new, also new battery. The bike was in service in dealer this week, they said diagnostic said nothing, everithing should be OK. Can you help me?

    2. The head pipes on this bike goes to be colored. I polished it with metal paste to make chrome effect, but after few rides it starts to be gold again. My friend has Eldorado without no problem with pipes. I guess that pipes are same on Eldorado/ Custom / Touring.

    Thanks for your advice
  2. Eldo1400

    Eldo1400 Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Apr 7, 2017
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    Los A
    I can only say I haven't had that problem. Have your air and fuel filters been replaced?
  3. PaulDavies

    PaulDavies Cruisin' Guzzisti GT Contributor

    Aug 30, 2016
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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    I'm guessing it's probably due to the bike running lean to meet emission standards.
  4. Didier

    Didier Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Nov 28, 2018
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    Montreal, Canada
    That make sense. give a litle bit of gas when you start it.
  5. GT-Rx®

    GT-Rx® Administrator Staff Member GT di Razza Pura

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Sorry, do not do this... ride by wire, so it will not give good results.
  6. kiwi dave

    kiwi dave GT Reference

    Oct 28, 2008
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    Auckland, New Zealand
    You're on the right site to fix the fueling issue.


    I have Todd's ECU reflash, with the PC300 power commander and AT200 autotune. I actually purchased his demo bike with the mods already done.

    I've never experienced chromed pipes on any bike not going a bit colored, unless of course they are double skinned. Getting the fueling right will help mitigate this.
  7. omega1

    omega1 Just got it firing!

    Dec 16, 2012
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    I also bought a 2013 Cali tour in Feb 2013 and had similar issues. Both were resolved (eventually) as follows:

    Approx in June 2014 Guzzi released a new map for my bike. The dealer uploaded it and it resolved all the cold/hot starting hesitation. From inspecting the spark plugs before and after the remap and it was obvious that the new map was slightly richer. Fuel consumption also went up a bit - reserve light comes on after 200km compared to 220km before.

    Check therefore with the dealer if you have the later map - it may help you.

    My coloured pipes story goes like this:

    Both headers turned a golden shade very early on. So be it I thought. Then in late 2015 the inner header (they are double skinned) of the left header cracked and broke up inside the chrome outer. Massive racket, sounded like the entire engine had self destructed.
    I bought a new header and noticed an obvious upgrade. Whereas the original header was completely whole the new part has two 16mm holes drilled into the outer chrome header near the exhaust port and another hole drilled underneath the header just before the double skin outer and inner tubes meet. Why they did this is anyone guess but my thought is that it keeps the inner and outer tubes cooler.

    For good measure I took off the right hand header and drilled matching 'vent holes' in it. The new 'vented' header still discolored slightly but significantly less than the original item. After polishing out my modified right header as best I could, it too has not darkened significantly.

    Check on your bike if the vent holes are there. If not, dismount the headers and drill them. Check out a late model bike at a dealer to see first hand what I am saying.

    PS. while the headers are off the bike, strengthen the join between the headers and the cross over pipe.

    20151002_151540.jpg 20151002_151532.jpg 20150917_152451.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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