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Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Cal 1400 8V' started by Tonyblaze, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Tonyblaze

    Tonyblaze Tuned and Synch'ed GT Contributor

    Apr 21, 2018
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    Ohio, U.S.
    Is it normal for the Eldorado's to leak a bit of oil? Brand new bike. Leaking a couple drops per day, not bad, but concerning.
    2020-09-08 19.13.52.jpg 2020-09-08 19.12.47.jpg
  2. Kevin.NZ

    Kevin.NZ Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Howick, Auckland, New Zealand.
    No it shouldn't leak. Clean the area completely with de-greaser then try to locate the source, the wind has blown it all over the place. check the sump drain bolt.
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  3. Moto-Uno

    Moto-Uno Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Aug 7, 2016
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    If you have a 5mm allen key socket ( preferably a long one and a balled end also ) you'll probably find
    as I did that the sump bolts will all be a bit loose , you may wish to do the same with the front engine
    cover that started sweating oil about a week after the sump did . 8000km later not another drop of oil
    or even weeping near the gasket surfaces . Peter
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  4. bigwaves

    bigwaves Just got it firing!

    Apr 16, 2011
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    My brand new bike had and oil leak - loose breather tube dealer fixed it in a few minutes.

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