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Pre-Purchase Questions

Discussion in 'Stelvio Chat & Tech' started by Numbercruncher, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Numbercruncher

    Numbercruncher Just got it firing!

    Nov 10, 2017
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    Spokane, WA 99217
    It looks like I may be able to pick up new-old-stock 2016/2017 Stelvio. I have done plenty of research and can no longer remember if some of the concerns I have have been addressed or not.

    1) EFI Fueling - I don't recall if it was the first generation bike (4 gallon tank) or the new version (2012ish with 8 gallon tank) that supposedly had pretty serious fueling issues. If I buy a brand new bike, I'll do a fly and ride to the other side of the US and do not have a local dealer to do any sort of ECU flash to get it to run properly. Is fueling basically sorted out?

    2) Highway pegs. I sold a fantastic BMW R1200GS and the biggest reason was that horizontal engine. I really like to get my legs stretched out in front of me and that layout simply made that impossible. I am assuming this V-Engine will allow for highway pegs, even if I have to remove the halogen lights currently mounted to the crash bars.

    3) Power outlets. I believe the bike comes with one 12 volt outlet. Any idea how many amps I can draw? I hope up to 10 for a heated jacket or air compressor.

    4) LCD display. On the older generation Stelvio, the fuel gauge supposedly only had indications for full, half, quarter and empty. Are there more gradations on the current bike?

    5) What is the interval for valve checks?

    6) Since this bike will have the updated valve train, can I expect the bike to be reliable for 100,000 miles assuming I take care of it?

    7) Similar to the EFI fueling, does the bike run okay at lower revs or does it need to be kept over 4,000 rpm all the time.

    Sorry for so many questions but this is the place to do it.

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  2. boscoman

    boscoman Tuned and Synch'ed GT Contributor

    Sep 30, 2013
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    1. Don't know of any EFI issues with the NTX

    3. Power outlet on dash & one under passenger seat.

    4. More gradations on the new bike. Just how accurate is a matter of opinion.

    5. 15000 miles. One of the easiest machines I have ever done an adjustment on. Might have taken 15 minutes.

    6. Sure

    7. Bike does run better especially at speed above 4K, but it will chug along in traffic at less.
  3. TASH566

    TASH566 Tuned and Synch'ed GT Famiglia

    May 14, 2013
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    Huber Heights
    1) no fueling issues with my 14 or my 17 stelvio although I added the agostini exhaust, open intake and Todds map updates and it runs better at all rpms
    2) I typically lean forward in a semi sport touring crouch so I can't help you there
    3) If I remember correctly the one under the seat is good for 10 amps
    4) the fuel gauge I would have to say leans more toward pessimistic side(when my light comes on It takes 5 gallons to fill)
    5) valve adjustment is at 600 miles and 6000 thereafter but I do agree with it taking 15 minutes
    6) I have seen them as high at 150k
    7) mine was improved with mapping but it was fine before I added the exhaust etc...

    Last but not least Cadre Cycle has a 2016 new in stock. Ask for Enzo (seriously, it really is Enzo) and tell him I sent you!
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