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startus interruptus

Discussion in 'BNS12 Chat & Tech' started by Callan09, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Jack MacBride

    Jack MacBride Just got it firing!

    Nov 26, 2020
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    yeah. I had this same issue. I have a 73 eldo. the starter was having all kinds of issues. sometimes it would turn the motor over, other times it would just go click, then it would do nothing at all. I tried everything that I read on here. I bought a new starter and installed it and it worked only once. then click, then nothing. I pulled the starter back off and tested it and worked fine all alone on the bench. I put it back in and tried again only to get a click. for a moment I thought the engine had seized I took the front cover off, the generator belt one, and was able to turn the crank with a wrench. tried the starter again and it turned over but very sluggish. then it did the click and then nothing at all. I put the bike into gear and rocked it back and forth then tried again and then it worked. but only once. I came to the conclusion that the starter gear must be getting stuck. I removed the starter and it tested good on the bench. I took a close look at the flywheel and could see large burrs on the teeth. I could feel them with my finger the burrs where on all of the teeth. I carefully ground off all of the burrs with a dremel. it was tedious to say the least. I turned the crank about 5 degrees each time and inspected all the teeth and gently ground the burrs off. some of them were pretty bad. they were on the front of the flywheel and on top of each tooth.
    afterwards, I put the starter back in and it has worked flawlessly ever since.

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