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Test Ride of the New BMW Water-Cooled GS

Discussion in '24-7 Lounge' started by leafman60, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. leafman60

    leafman60 Cruisin' Guzzisti

    Jan 7, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Pensacola, FL
    Our local BMW dealership had an Open House celebration today and I test-rode the new water-cooled 1200GS.

    Its an awesome machine. It actually feels as small or smaller than the bike it replaces. I think I read that it is only 6 pounds heavier. It readily snaps right up on the centerstand with amazingly little effort. With 125 HP, it runs like scalded dog. Its very quick, very nimble and would be fun on a curvy road.

    The switchgear is very well-designed and of top quailty in appearance and feel. The standard digital gear indicator is coupled with automatic turn signal cancellation and this year theyve finally added electronic cruise control to the bike. Many options such as suspension control are available. Everything worked fine. Again, it is a fast machine.

    I didnt get a chance to test it on off-road conditions but I suspect it will perform much like its predecessor in that regard.

    There is much new about the bike. BMW people will be especially impressed and I expect they will overwhelmingly opt for this bike over any remaining non-water-cooled versions that happen to remain on dealership floors.

    I have to say that I felt a noticeable amount of heat that blows up from the two side-mounted radiators of the new GS. I'm curious how this would feel in the heat of summer weather or when plodding about in the woods.

    Oh, by the way. The media reports about pending recalls must be outdated. The dealership manager (who is an avid Guzzihead) did a check with BMW corporate and there are currently NO pending recalls on the new GS.

    Time will tell.
  2. Rafael

    Rafael GT Reference

    Feb 16, 2009
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    San Leandro, CA
    I saw one first hand last spring at a gas statio. A tech had it out fir fueling. I spoke with him for a bit - he said that the GS rider that have ridden the 2013 like the old one better. Anyway, it looked nice to me, lighter looking - reminiscent of a KTM.

    I was in Corvallis, OR last spring and went to their annual bike show and saw a couple Honda CX 650 EFI Turbos. And, it occurred to me that the new GS is using the trans motor layout. Clutch in front; shared trans/motor case and water cooling. BMW finally saw the light. Guess the old military service spec ran its course. Wonder if Guzzi will do the same when they go water cooled?

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