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The GarageMahalo Morphed into the Moto Grappa

Discussion in '24-7 Lounge' started by Bill Hagan, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Bill Hagan

    Bill Hagan GT Reference GT Famiglia

    Oct 29, 2008
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    Above Pott's Camp along Braddock's route, Virginia
    In a post earlier today, “Vagrant” asked me if the floor in my little shop — the Moto Grappa — was vinyl or real wood.

    Because he posted that question in a V7-specific thread, I said I’d respond in a separate thread. This is it, tho I am not sure this is the right subforum. Won't hurt my feelings if mods move it. ;)

    “Real” wood is the answer, Steve. But, as always with me, a retired paid-by-the-word guy, I can’t stop there. :giggle:

    So, as long as I am doing a separate thread, I’ll tell more for you and anyone else interested. Don’t think I’ve posted this all here before, so here goes.

    When I we moved from Atlanta — tho we still spend a quarter of our lives there helping to take care of my 96-YO mom; am there now) — we bought a place at the top of Virginia in the countryside about 10 miles NW of Winchester.

    One of our … erm … my … “non-negotiable demands” in looking at homes was for a separate outbuilding I could use to store and work on motorcycles. Happily, we found that and everything else we wanted.

    [Steve, you (and some others who post here) have been there; come back sometime!]

    For those who didn't see your original question or what led to it, here's the interior of the Moto Grappa while engaged in combat operations :clap::


    Prefer pix and captions of the process to Bill’s BS? See:


    But, as for the specific question, yes, “real” wood, albeit as with some of my HF tools, Chinesium of unknown variety.

    The space is c.700SF walled off within a larger 1500SF masonry detached outbuilding. So, when we decided on wood — more on that in a moment — just watched Lumber Liquidators for loss-leader ads on small lots. Bingo.

    Steve, I am very happy with it. Have to say if I were doing all over again from dirt up in a heated and fancier place, I might do what I call a “Walmart” floor, i.e., stained and sealed concrete. But I do not cool and heat this space with any built-in HVAC solutions. Instead, I simply use portable De’Longhi oil-filled radiators and, in summer, a De’Longhi — yes, I am stoooopid about Italian stuff — portable A/C unit.

    And, were cost not the object it always is for most of us, I would — again, if from just dirt up, put in a enclosed-water-pipe radiant heat system in the slab as is the case in our basement in the house … and which heats the whole house.

    But, as I had the “unpretty” stained concrete floor as the base, and unhappy with the overpriced Griot’s seal on my beloved GarageMahalo back in Atlanta, I was willing to try the wood.

    Bottom line? It’s great.

    When I drop a tool or the like (including the EV once!), all that happens is a mark, scratch, or dent. And, as we all know, "chicks dig scars” :makeup: :inlove:, so I view it all as just adding manly charm to my cave. :D

    I cannot remember the cost, but think it — remember the loss-leader bit — about a $1a SF. Pretty darn cheap!

    OK, must go. Hope that was responsive without putting you to sleep.



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