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V85TT Ride Review

Discussion in 'V7/V85/V9 Chat & Tech' started by GT-Rx®, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. GT-Rx®

    GT-Rx® Administrator Staff Member GT di Razza Pura

    Jul 1, 2009
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    So it pathetically took me buying one to finally ride one... that said, this is my initial thought: Surprisingly adequate. Now before you take that as a knock or dig, it is not. The motor is shockingly quick revving for a small block. Gobs of midrange power, all where you’ll use it most. Impressive intake/air-box sound, and zero exhaust note (too bad). The bike feels quite compact compared to my Stelvio, and the chassis is neutral and mindless (both a compliment), but the wheel/tire combo leaves you turning the bars to finish the corners... opposite of counter-steering, but typical with these bigger rims and dual sport tires.
    I beat on it pretty hard it in the canyons here, and even did a little fire-roading... very sporting as most ADV bikes are, but a dirt bike it is not. We will see what power is hidden in the next few weeks when I get to work on Monday on the intake and exhaust. Suspension is overly firm (damping), which is opposite of most Guzzis. I will post on the suspension thread I started on it.
    Ending with... I think they have a winner on their hands, and again, don’t take that lightly. Thinking of buying one? Do it. If you want an extended test ride, this one is now in rental duty service; Book at RideMalibu.com - I’ll update this post as we go and I get hard data on my findings. Ride on.

    p.s. I’ll be posting a review on the Just1 helmet - available on the Store tab above. It’s the same one Guzzi is selling.
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  2. Poppe

    Poppe Cruisin' Guzzisti GT Contributor

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Los Angeles
    That's great to hear. That makes it so hard to hold off from pulling the trigger for a bit. Did you try out the ride modes?

    Hope you can do another review after you get more miles and mods on it.
  3. s-flow

    s-flow Just got it firing!

    Aug 19, 2016
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    Now at 2500 km I will do a small report about how I feel about the bike.

    Bike is broken in by the book, and used to “full potential” (heh) for 1000 km. As I came from a V9 Bobber I suspected that a lot would change in how the engine feels as it broke in. That was correctly assumed, it feels lots better now then when I picked it up from the dealer, it wasn’t bad then but there where a clear vibration band at about 4000 rpm, this zone are slowly fading out to be much more pleasant and today I happily cruise there, BUT there is vibrations there and beyond (now oddly kind of good ones). The Bobber have never felt nicer then when I traded it in for the V85 though (at 20000 km), it just felt smoother and smoother with the miles so I’m confident this will go the same way.

    Power comes in “Guzzi-Horses”, feels stronger then on paper, definitely enough, I stand by what I earlier felt, they could have aimed for 70-75 hp and I would have been happy. Delivery is just awesome, just as I like it, smoothly progressive and decently bursty from 3000 rpm and beyond, below that just smooth and friendly for city riding and light off-road.

    Comfort is also top class, dare I say.. great seat.. rock solid chassie at any speed, perfect ergos for me (178 cm), wonderful suspension, that was a little surprise to me, especially the fork. Super light clutch with maybe a tad too narrow friction zone, I’m adopting to it though and will get used. Easy modulated breaks with good breaking force.

    It isn’t flickable through sharp twisties at higher speeds but steer precise and confident through them if you just respect the weight and geometry of the bike.

    Wind protection is fine if you use a good helmet and ear-plugs at least, no buffeting with stock shield but wind on the helmet, it’s decent I would say.

    Dash is very nice and nothing to complain about there. Controls.. well, there is better ones out there, it works but the blinker button feels mushy and I fail to reset now and then. CC button also feels a bit cheap but works after adjusting to it for a while.By some reason I occasionally mistake the CC and blinker button, activating the CC when about to leave highway, blinking and slowing down.. is not that fun..doh.

    Traction control works excellent and isn’t much noticed and the driving modes are good, I would like a sport mode too though, with a more direct low rpm response. All modes are mellow at low rpm.

    Quality over all is very good, nice materials and details, no surprise to me. No leaks and nothing comes loose ofc.

    The only “problems” that I have with my particular bike is a slight front end bounce at 60-75 km/h, will definitely iron that out with dealer.
    There is also condense inside one blinker glass, will try to get that sorted too.

    All together,

    It’s an absolute dream bike at gravel roads, a plenty nice bike in sweeping twisties, a great commuter, very nice balanced for slow city driving and probably ( as I haven’t done some really long stretches yet) a very competent touring bike due to great range, stability and smoothness.

    And it has that feeling of another kind of riding sensation then other new bikes I’ve owned and tested.. something good.. something.. never mind, probably something to do with pushrods, air cooling and 2 valves per cylinder..

    I’m happy to report back later when I’ve done like 20000 km or something.

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  4. DAllmon

    DAllmon Just got it firing!

    Aug 8, 2019
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    New York, NY
    Hello All,

    I am quickly coming up on my first service interval and I have to say I am just delighted with the V85! Even in the break in period the bike has been a blast to ride. I am so happy with the comfort level on this motorcycle! It is very easy to just ride for hours, which is exactly what I wanted. I am very excited to get the break in service out of the way so that I can feel how the engine responds to keeping it in the 4k-6k range. Even riding gently there is no lugging or lack of power. One aspect of this model that I really like is the overall size of the bike. All the other 800's in this category are longer, taller and mostly wider than the V85. Major cudos to MG for making a comfortable, long miles bike that is not physically massive!

    It may not be the bike for everyone, but its great for me!

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  5. Wrinkley

    Wrinkley Just got it firing!

    Sep 21, 2014
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    yorkshire england
    Has anyone tried running their V85 in 'Off Road Mode'? I've run mine like this for over 2500mls now. I don't know if Guzzi mixed up the mapping, but it certainly feels more responsive in this mode especially when coming off those tight 2nd and 3rd gear bends on the gnarly back roads. Yes I know, you lose the rear ABS but I can live with that.

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