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Cal1400 REGISTRY & Pics thread - ADD YOUR BIKE

tjgajewski said:
Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for the information board. Fell in love with a Tourer, it's okay because I will learn Italian. Looking forward to touring the Southwest and will probably be heading north in the summer months, too.
Tom, thanks for posting and welcome aboard. I see your close to me, so look forward to meeting you one day. If I can be of any help with service or related, happy to be of help.
If you wouldn't mind posting your VIN# and Date of Purchase along with the purchasing dealer, would be great.
Just picked up my new baby yesterday, Looking to spend a lot of time with her. :D


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dancoll said:
Just picked up my new baby yesterday, Looking to spend a lot of time with her. :D
Congrats Dan, you're going to love it. Thanks for the info for the Registry as well, just added to the first post here.
More pics.... the Cali riding Maine Coast...


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California Touring 1400, Color: Ambassador Black, DOP 04/17/14, VIN:
ZGULVC001EM111900, from Freedom Powersports, Everett, PA.


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I am new to the site but got my California Custom last Sept. from MPH in Houston. So far no issues and about 4000 miles on the clock. I'm loving the bike, feels like a lot more power than what it dynos at. Plenty of snort for an old guy.

I spent the afternoon checking the valve clearances, just like my old R1100GS only easier and no oil drops to the floor. More later.

Mike B


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Here's a good story.

Little background about myself, i grew up riding dirt bikes of all sorts, 20 yrs later i decided it was time to buy a bike. I wanted to start riding again on something that would give me a challenge and test my 20 yr inactivity. I picked up a 99 Honda cbr600 for very little and it all came back, riding that is. After over 1 yr i decided i wanted something different as riding ability was of no concern to me anymore.
Enter the Moto Guzzi, I visited the local shops here, Victoria BC Canada, and just didnt see anything that caught my eye. After many visits to the shops, one shop had a new Griso, i fell in love right away, only my very short inseam said no way too short.
After seeing the Griso i researched the Moto Guzzi brand, when i seen the California touring i knew without even sitting on the bike that was the one, no Harley for me. Back to the shop i went, i was told by the shop, "you will have to pay 5k CAD non-refundable" just to get the bike here and by the way our mechanics have not done the Guzzi course so there would be limited troubleshooting skills if required. Needless to say, i didnt plunk down my 5k, not a warm fuzzy feeling from the dealer.
About 2 weeks later i was scouring the local bike-for-sale ads and i see a 2014 California touring. I call the guy and arranged a visit, he was a 2 hours drive from me here on Vancouver Island. I knew i wanted the bike so i decided to go cash in hand.
I get to the guy's home and he starts tells me this is his dream bike after riding for more than 50yrs, I had a good hour chat with him, he was told by his Doctor that he cant ride anymore due to a failing heart. I felt very sorry for him, and felt his pain. However, he accepted his Doctor's wishes and needed to sell his bike.
We agreed on 14900CAD as the bike had just 2k kilometers and had just been for first service in Vancouver. I could not contain the smile as i counted out 14900 as new cost over 19000CAD.

Long story, i know, this is how i got my "New Baby".


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When this bike first hit the market I said "Yuk".
Too fat, too heavy, too low. Yep, its all yukky for me.

I've been sporterizing Cali's or tourifying Le Mans's for years, see my avatar.
My current hate is the fact that Bella has the same block/crank case as a MKIII Le Mans, but feels/looks twice the size.

However, every time I sit on the 14, it fits. I dare not ride it. Bella is too hacked up to go serious touring.
Somewhere in the future when a better selection of sporty type tyres are available, and longer rear shocks are available, I will get me one and put it on a diet and tighten it up, me thinks.
tjgajewski said:
Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for the information board. Fell in love with a Tourer, it's okay because I will learn Italian. Looking forward to touring the Southwest and will probably be heading north in the summer months, too.

DAMN that's purty! Plus it looks like a cop bike, I bet people move over when you get behind them!
2014 Mercury Grey Custom. She came with the lights and windscreen. Drove 7 hours one way to pick her up! Would have rode her home but it was 12° outside and still over a foot of snow on the ground so I sissied out! What an awesome machine!

Jimmy4765 Cal14C1

Jimmy4765 Cal14C2
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Congrats Jimmy, and thanks for posting the pics. Love to get your VIN# and related for the Registry. Looks like you have a fun year ahead once the snow melts!
Cali Touring, picked up on Saturday, 12 July. Replacing my 06 Kawasaki Concours (now for sale). Purchased after a MG Demo Day ride on a Custom. I'm loving the ride and as I get used to the bike, the better it's becoming!!

Bouts Cal14T
Customized Mercury Grey Custom, ordered from Seacoast SportCycle in NH April 2013 and picked up in August.
According to VIN# ZGULVC010EM112013 , its a 2014 model.

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Yarvis Torres D.O.P July 24, 2013 from Fast By Ferracci in Willows Grove, PA. Live in NYC. Vin is ZGULVC000EM111595 Tried to upload a pic but being denied. Trying to get as much info as possible concerning the bike, maybe find someone in my area who owns one and knows his/her way around the bike? Good to meet you all!
Thought time for some pics, changed mirrors and got rid of the indicators down near the headlight.
Adjusted the shields at the agostini's, 18mm relocation of lower screw.

Regards Tuono
Thought time for some pics, changed mirrors and got rid of the indicators down near the headlight.
Adjusted the shields at the agostini's, 18mm relocation of lower screw.
View attachment 6850
View attachment 6851

Regards Tuono

LOve your exhaust, wish it came polished like the rest of the system though. Can the cans be polished? How do you like them and what are you using for a fuel manager? What exactly did you do to the shields?
Hi Todd,
Sorry this has taken so long to get you my registry info, but maybe knowing I've got 70000 miles on my Touring will give me a break. Here's my info.
2014 California Touring purchased on 5-17-2013
Purchased at Moto Guzzi Portland, Portland Ore.
Vin ZGULVC005EM111608

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Frank Wissing Madsen
California 1400 Touring (black)
Purchased June 12, 2014 from Europa Macchina, Lewisberry, PA
My location: Washington, DC
Yarvis; bike needs a wash and polish, as for the shields relocated lower screw 18mm to reduce gap at the ago's

Comfort saddle #2S000063 fitted, happy pillion.
Saddle came with strap fitted, not as shown on the Cali accessory listing