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Leaking valve cover?

Sitting here scratching my head when I read some of this.

08 Griso 8 valve with standard gaskets which have been reused 5 times with no leaks.
Even over tightened them once when I stupidly took notice of the torque figures shown in the workshop manual, still no leak though.
The only issues I have had has been due to the oil filter not being fully tightened and a couple of breather hose clamps not fully clamped, both easily rectified.

Mark111 said:
Sitting here scratching my head when I read some of this.

08 Griso 8 valve with standard gaskets which have been reused 5 times with no leaks.
Even over tightened them once when I stupidly took notice of the torque figures shown in the workshop manual, still no leak though.
The only issues I have had has been due to the oil filter not being fully tightened and a couple of breather hose clamps not fully clamped, both easily rectified.

Different engine (2valve), different valve cover, different type head gasket (OEM is paper). Per Pete, the 8v Griso comes with a more up to date gasket material (Nytril??) that is reusable several times. Similar gasket material on my now-gone Bonneville .... didn't install new one until nearly 45000 miles.
pete roper said:
Sorry. I may of misunderstood but this post is a prime example of why this site needs better moderating if it wishes to be 'Guzzitech' rather than 'Gibbering idiocy with Guzzi content!'
Pete, come on... this is not a factory supported site for specialists, it's a drop in and ask silly questions focused on the Technical side... and better moderating? Surely all the other online free sites are much better, eh? :roll:
There are two moderators, John Zibell and myself, and we certainly can't read every post. Feel free to vounteer (any one for that matter). I do the best I can with a free advise website, and I think it's a damn good one at that compared to all the others. For those who don't like what they read, just click your back button and go elsewhere.
This is an old thread but the only one I've found that mentions Silicone Gaskets on Guzzis.

I've been using (and re-using) Real Silicone rocker cover gaskets on my Bellagio for three or four years. I've also fitted DTF crash protectors so need to use two gaskets per side. After a recent tappet adjustment a major leak (warm leg) developed; couldn't get it to seal again so ordered replacements. Fitted the new Real Silicone Gaskets, leaked again on both sides. re-fitted, same result (several times). Each time torqued to 1 foot pound as per instructions (10-15 inch pound).

Had a close look and discovered that the gaskets didn't quite match the head profile...at the spot where the leaks were occuring. Took a photo of gasket on the head, sent it to Real Gasket Company and a few weeks later received modified gaskets that now match perfectly an (after 150 km) seal perfectly. I'm also guessing that with two gaskets fitted, the screw torque needs to be increased slightly to achieve tha same amount of compression of the rubber..so this time using 13 inch pound.

Can't recomend the real people at the Real Gasket Company highly enough for the product and for their service and responsiveness.
If you are at or near 6k on the original rocker cover gaskets do your pants a favor and change them out now; the gaskets that is. It seems they have an almost atomic-clock-accurate habit of blowing at 6k.

Mine let go at 6005 miles with not so much as a drop of weep the day prior. The khakis I was wearing are soaking in Goop as I write this and the tan boots' fate is undetermined.

Luckily I had a set of gaskets at home and ordered a set of the Silicon gaskets to put on after I have the covers powder coated. When I pulled the cover off the stock gasket just fell apart, broken into 5 pieces.
I had been blowing valve cover gaskets on my Griso following my first oil change. Instead of putting in the stated amount I did the pour and check routine. The gaskets go if I get it up towards redline. They suck in. I pulled the cover off of the airbox behind the intakes and low and behold.....OIL! So.....it appears I overfilled my oil. My question is where would my stoppage in the system be. Two things I am looking at. First, there is a small "airbox" tucked up under the frame below the ignition switch that all the breather tubes go into. Second, there seems to be a pcv valve sitting on the top of the cases into which hoses come from the airbox. Anybody have any suggestions........besides not drinking while I am working on my bike?
....the gasket breach comes after hard acceleration. The gaskets suck in. It happens on both sides. I use stock Guzzi gaskets with blue Permatex gasket dressing. I can find no crimped vent hoses in the crankcase venting system.
I'm stumbled on this old topic but I have Guzzi 1200 sport 4V that this use to happen alot. Seems there is a weak spot around the outside sparkplug.

I still use OEM gasket but we have a tool at work that you can grave metal with. So I made a 0.5mm groove in the valvcover all the way around to better keep the gasket from slipping. The second thing that happens is the bolts are getting loose over time. Specially if I have been hammering on the highway over 5-6000rpm for a day or two.

But might try to 3D print a H-shape silicone type gasket some day.
Commercially available reusable silicon gaskets are out on the internet.

I don’t believe Todd has them in the STORE because he once wrote that he used them once, and went back to paper. He obviously didn’t like them.

Me, I love them! I think they are awesome.

They are on every motorcycle I could get them for including on my 1200 Sport and even my Ural sidecar rig.

They have remained absolutely oil tight without exception through several uses.

Google search “Real Gaskets”.

The trick is to not overtighten the valve cover hard at all. You just synch it up snug. Nothing more. Otherwise you deform the silicon.

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I just gave up and started using permatex. If its good enough for my track bikes covers then its good enough for this. Only knock is of course you have to wait overnight before you can run it but they have been leak free since.

I tried paper, the upgraded paper, the sil ones, etc. Tried tightening less, whatever. Eventually all just started to leak. And when I removed the paper there would always be stickage. Maybe there is a defect on the mating surfaces or something.
Some guys swear by putting grease on them and last long time. I use the green ones on oil free surface and none leak for me.