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OEM fluids for Stelvio??

Discussion in 'Stelvio Chat & Tech' started by Stelvio17, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. Stelvio17

    Stelvio17 Just got it firing!

    Sep 10, 2020
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    Michigan, U.S.A.
    For the first 900 mile maintenance I used Spectro Platinum 4 Motorcycle 10-60 engine oil (API SL - JASO MA/MA2 rated), Agip gear MG/S 85/90 (API GL-5) for the transmission, and Honda Shaft Drive Oil (hypoid gear oil SAE 80W90 (GL-5 and GL-4 rated) for the final drive shaft.
    Does anyone have a good source of factory lubricants as I have found it difficult to obtain the factory spec. fluids.
    (Also, the valve train seems to be a bit noisy even after adjusting the valve lash to .004 intake/.006 exhaust.)
  2. Ray Slocomb

    Ray Slocomb Tuned and Synch'ed GT Contributor

    Jul 3, 2021
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    Central Oregon
    In my town the local parts store stocks Red Line synthetic products. They meet or exceed factory specs.
    They needed to order the 10-60 for me but it was there the next day.
  3. BrianR

    BrianR Cruisin' Guzzisti GT Famiglia

    Mar 5, 2015
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    In the wilds of Mission BC
    I use Motul 10/60 which is readily available
  4. scottmastrocinque

    scottmastrocinque Scott Mastrocinque GT di Razza Pura

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Findlay, Ohio
    It is my experience that the 4V system needs to be set in tandem in order to get accurate measurements and the best noise suppression. This requires two sets of feeler gauges being used simultaneously. I actually bought 2 inexpensive sets, pulled out the 2 sizes that I needed, pop riveted them together, and that's what I always reach for.

    If you do one valve then the other, it always seems to come out noisy in my experience. Realize that they will never be "quiet" though as the design is noisy by default.

    As for Factory Fluids. I do indeed use the factory specified fluids but I purchased many quarts of the (Agip/Eni) oils back when I could get it on Ebay or Amazon. I have not seen it lately but then again, I haven't really looked for it. I jusdt checked on ebay and there are sources, just search Eni motor oil.

    I would feel equally comfortable using Motul (France) or Liqui Moly (Germany). I prefer the LiquiMoly products though either would be just fine and they are readily available online at Amazon or Ebay.

    Just a FYI... a JASO MA/MA2 rating is really superfluous though as the Moto Guzzi does not share a common oil between the engine and the gearbox/clutch pack, which is what that rating is significant for.

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  5. john zibell

    john zibell Moderator Staff Member GT di Razza Pura

    Oct 28, 2008
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    Huntsville, AL
    Scott I also use the two feeler gauges technique as that is what is used for BMW oil heads. If you only use one, the rocker will shift making reading inaccurate.
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