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New V7/85 65hp for 2021


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GT di Razza Pura
Jul 1, 2009
From the Piaggio/Guzzi Press release...

V7 850 St1
2021 Moto Guzzi V7 850 Sp


More than fifty years after the launch of its first unit, Moto Guzzi is proud to present a new and important evolution in the history of the V7, a prominent symbol of Italian motorbikes around the world.

The revamping is so profound that the progressive numbering in Roman numerals, which had characterized the various evolutions of the model since its return to the market in 2007, is gone. But the character and authenticity remain intact, as these values are destined to last over time and embedded in the genetic code of every Moto Guzzi.

V7 850 St2

Two versions are available: the patriarch, V7 Stone, with its strong and minimalistic style, is joined by the V7 Special, with its classic and elegant lines.

A new Moto Guzzi engine makes its début on the new V7, a close derivative of the one that powers the V85 TT. This is the most recent and modern drive built in Mandello, which guarantees better performance and overall greater efficiency in order to provide maximum riding pleasure, fun and reliability.

It has 25% more maximum power, going from the previous 52 hp at 6200 rpm to the current 65 hp at 6800 rpm. Maximum torque has also increased significantly, going from 44 ft-lbs at 4250 rpm to the outstanding value of 53 ft-lbs at 5000 rpm, with more than 80% of the torque already available at 3000 rpm.

V7 850 St3

Many new features have been introduced to improve stability and comfort, leaving the proverbial handling of the Moto Guzzi best-seller unaltered.

The frame has been evolved with the addition of steel elements in the headstock area, whereas the new pair of shock absorbers with greater travel and the new, two-tier saddle ensure greater comfort. With this same goal in mind, brand new rider footpeg support are used.

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone has the new, full LED light system with the headlight that includes a DRL in the shape of the Moto Guzzi Eagle, whereas the new instrument cluster is perfectly in line with the look of a minimalist motorcycle, entirely digital on a single, circular dial. The aluminum wheel rims, in the sporty style that equips the Stone, are also new; the rear rim is shod with a wider 150/70 tire.

Discover more at MotoGuzzi.com

New V7 for 2021. asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/2021-moto-guzzi-v7-stone-special/
Very interesting. I like the blue one. It looks just like my 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650, same horsepower too.
It should sell well. Everyone I've spoken to says they wouldn't buy a V7 because it's so under powered.
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Just saw that too! I’m sure more power could be found out of that engine with a proper tune. I’m sure Todd will be cooking something up
Very cool, but I’m doubtful I’ll invest in this any time soon. My V7III is still relatively new, and I have another bike with obnoxious power on its way to my a garage shortly, for those times I want something faster. I’ll probably put Todd’s big bore kit on my current V7III before buying this new bike. It would be less money, and I’ll end up with a better bike considering all of the other upgrades I’ve done.

Still, it’s exciting that they are heading in this direction. I’m interested to hear if there are any other upgrades/changes besides the engine.
Interesting, should put the V7 more in line with the competition. Not enough of an upgrade to make me want to swap in my '18 V7III though..

Edit: Not a fan of the new headlight on the Stone though, yuck!
That is good news. That should address one of the bigger shortcomings of the V7. But if I already owned a V7 (or even if I didn't) I think I would rather have Todds 820 cc 4 valve set up. But I think I heard Todd say he was phasing that kit out and only the 820 kit for 2 valve motors was still going to be available.
seems odd to me...
Guzzi already had the V9, and now the V7 is over 750cc ?? They will have a much higher import tax (thank you Harley).
Not sure what MG is thinking on this one...

personally a V7 / V9 with factory 4 valve head option would be a better direction, even if only in a specific model...
(ie Lemans / racer / little Griso)
4AE1908E E412 42C0 A6C0 87C8B29E053A Very Nice ! ( in a Borat voice)
I like the 850 stripe, the digital thing has a Tach, but...
Like the smaller upswept / tweeked pipes - but they *probably* won’t sound much different or as good as my GTM pipes :cool:
Valve covers the same as the V7 ? ( could I swap my red ones )
Um, why not just call It the V85 Special / Stone / Racer ??? Vs. the V7 850 :rolleyes:
I think the Special is on point, but the Stone is just weird. Maybe its a grower :D
I don't get why it's quoted as having 65 bhp when the V85 has 70 something. Maybe we are going to see something special for the centenary. I'm holding out hope for a "sports" bike well sporty ish and hopefully an 850 Eldorado style bike.
I like it and it looks like Moto Guzzi is moving in the right direction. Not far enough in the right direction to sway me from my current V9/7 conversion though.
Actually the new V7 850 looks like it’s just a factory V9/7 conversion, with the V9 engine not the V85.
I’m looking forward to what else they are doing with the 853cc engine.
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F9 sorry line,

Two Armani suits at Moto Guzzi walk into the board meeting.
Vinchenzo said " letsa make the V7 the same asa the V9, anda sella both."
Gusipi said "letsa make a little Griso froma V7. we cana call it Grisito"

so who is right ?
Two Armani suits at Moto Guzzi walk into the board meeting.
Vinchenzo said " letsa make the V7 the same asa the V9, anda sella both."
Gusipi said "letsa make a little Griso froma V7. we cana call it Grisito" so who is right ?
Vincenzo... but if they’re smart they’ll pull the plug on the V9, and drop some good Le Mans stylistic cues on it.
The original 1100 Cals in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s made 59 rwhp stock. Exhaust and tuning got them to 65 up to 72 rwhp. The V85 engine puts it square in the hunt to the big block, and a great deal lighter. However before getting too excited, the big block can get to 90 rwhp now without much effort.
I really would’ve love to have seen a monoshock like the V85TT. I still might have to do the one I’m thinking of.
All in all, the next logical step and not too surprising really.