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clutch adjustment

  1. G

    V7 - Shifting Issues (2014 Special)

    Summary: Clutch replaced, multiple clutch cable adjustments top and bottom made, two clutch cables replaced and clutch cable routing moved away from the engine fins and heat guarded. Why am I still having issues with the freeplay at clutch lever and difficulty finding neutral and shifting up to...
  2. H

    New Clutch Cable Woes

    Hi everyone, first time posting in this forum. I’ve got a V7ii Stornello that I bought used last year and is my first motorcycle. Was out riding a couple weeks ago, and on the way home the clutch cable snapped (it was rubbing and fraying from the adjuster at the lever). I installed a new cable...
  3. frocker

    V7 C - No slack in new clutch cable

    Hi folks, first post here since getting my bike, so hello! Forgive me for skipping introductions, I'm in a bit of a bind. My 2008 V7 Classic has just hit 18k, and had my clutch cable snap on me. Picked up a new one and tried to fit it, but there's not enough slack. I've got both ends of the...
  4. Mumbufuku

    Norge clutch engages at very end of lever travel

    Back at it again with another issue(maybe). My clutch lever will only engage within the last 1/2 inch or so of travel. the grab point seems to happen sooner(from full lever pull to fully out) after the engine and transmission warm up a bit. I know its a hydraulic clutch and there is no...
  5. B

    2013 V7 Clutch Adjustment (again, sorry)

    Hi Chaps. The signs of poor clutch adjustment are present - absent neutrals, tricky box at stationary and an inclination to creep forwards. I'm hoping clutch adjustment (although the Nut is solid!) will improve these issues. But just a couple of questions - shouldn't the cable end fit into the...