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Everything a Stelvio owner needs to know in one post


Tuned and Synch'ed
Aug 13, 2011
All, There seems to be a need for a "what new owners need to know" and "quick reference for existing owners" all in one post. If something similar already exists let me know but I'm going to assume not at this point. Below our some incomplete items that will require additional research on my end or feedback from the forum and I also welcome any suggestions for additional information. If this works out hopefully we can get whomever manages this forum to place this statically at the top of "stelvio chat & tech".

Maintenance Items:

Tires: 2008/09 OEM

Front Pirelli Scorpion Sync 110/80 R19 - 59V 36.3 PSI
Rear Pirelli Scorpion Sync 180/55 R17 - 73V 42.1 PSI

Oil Specifications:

AGIP Racing 4T SAE 10W-60 - 3.5 qts. w/filter
Oil Filter Hi-Flo 551
Uses OEM brand cap wrench "B" found at Auto Zone
Alternative (use at your own risk)
Filter: Bosch 3400 (longer) or 3330 (shorter, but recommended by Piaggio USA)
Oil: AMSOIL SAE 60 - MCSQT-EA ($12.20 qrt)

Transmission (Gear Box) oil:
AGIP Gear MG/S SAE 85 W 90 -500ml

CARC oil:
AGIP Gear SAE 80 W 90 -380ml


Valve Specifications:
A5 Motor valve specs: Step by step instruction: HERE
.10 mm intake
.15 mm exhaust

A8 Motor valve specs:
.10 mm intake
.20 exhaust

Recall Notices:

Service Communication: 2009-001 USA PRE-UPDATE CAMPAIGN NOTICE
Technical Update Campaign-Stelvio 4V 1200 Engine- Camshaft
follower/bucket replacement
Models affected: 2009 Stelvio 4V models within a specified VIN range
Stelvio 4V: ZGULZC0029M112385 to ZGULZC0009M112689
Production Date Range: 04/29/08 – 10/02/2008

working on below information......................

Engine Performance: 02 sensor, modifications

Known issues: eg., Front fork axle bracket--over tightening cracks, Mono Shock leaks, Condensation in instrument panel, Spark plug caps, Center Stand, CARC Vent, Speedo censor, etc.

General Maintenance: Oil Filter and Oil, best places to buy

C.A.R.C (Italian for compact reactive cardan shaft drive) vent issue and fix

Accessories and after market: engine guards, wind deflectors, hard/soft bags, gps, heated grips, windshields, etc.
Nice idea! I always have trouble remembering tire sizes. Too many numbers for my feeble mind to commit to memory! :D

....also, for the sake of clarity.does gearbox oil mean...the rear-wheel ring and pinion?..
ecka00 said:
Oil Specifications:
AGIP Racing 4T SAE 10W-60

Transmission oil:
AGIP Gear SAE 80 W 90

Gearbox oil:
AGIP Gear MG/S SAE 85 W 90

How about clearing up the transmission / gearbox name. Most people here call it a rear drive or such, not a transmission.
And adding the fluid volumes would be good.
I copied the gearbox and transmission termonology from the shop manual. If anyone knows which is the rear drive and any other more common terms please reply and I will add them to their corresponding term that I copied--please specify in your post. Also, I love the feedback however, if you know the answer to any suggestions you may have please include in your reply as well. I've spent about an hour so far trying to find information on quantities for fluids and found nothing. They're not even list in the shop manual I downloaded. They may be in the owner's manual so I'll start digging through my closet. Much appreciated -A
Just serviced mine, and was confused by the transmission/gearbox translation but made do with help from my shop and Wayne- Thanks for the help :D

Here is what I got:

Transmission (6 speed thing you change gears with) 500mL Agip 85W/90
Final Drive 380mL 80W/90(though I spilled a bit so that may be a tad high)

A5 Motor valve specs:
.10 mm intake
.15 mm exhaust

A8 Motor valve specs:
.10 mm intake
.20 exhaust

Engine oil cap. says 3.5L (I don't think I took that much, though)

Oil Filter Hi-Flo 551
Uses OEM brand cap wrench "B" found at Auto Zone
....a somewhat heretical question:...what is the problem with 20-50 engine oil instead of 10-60?
I updated the carc and transmission information--did I get it correct? Also, what is your opinion on the bosch oil filter as an alternative?
StelvioGT said:
My shop manual says 80W90 in the CARC. 85W90 in the transmission (gear box).

I've been using Mobil 1 gear lube in both for 24,000 mi (actually 18,000 if I subtract the time with factory oil) with no issues, it's 75W90.

ecka00 said:
Also, what is your opinion on the bosch oil filter as an alternative?
I have used the Bosch premium filters on my cars with no known issues. I use WIX on the Griso.
I've also used Redline Shockproof exclusively on my '09, in both the gearbox and CARC, and change every 12,000 miles.

A small (but maybe important to a new owner) quibble regarding oil capacities. According to my service manual (Stelvio 4v - 1200 -Eng- 08-09.pdf), page 12 states that gearbox capacity is 500ml and CARC capacity is 380ml. As I just performed oil changes (with no overrun to either two days ago), it would appear that the manual is the more correct.

No offense meant, ecka00. Overall, your effort should be appreciated!
The Mobil1 gear oil is a full synthetic 75w90, and it meets all specs for the CARC bikes for both uses.

Another good oil filter is the Mobil1-102 - it fits all the 1200 bikes as far as I know...
ecka00 said:
Also, what is your opinion on the bosch oil filter as an alternative?
Piaggio Tech USA recommends the Bosch 3330, however I use the 3400 which is a little longer.
...see if I've got this right: my standard 09 Stellie is running a rear 180/55 by17... But NTX is running 150/70 by 17....correct?...So to get the more balanced turn-in, I'm gonna need an NTX wheel?.... Dare I ask how much these wheels retail for?...gdp
WHY CAN'T I MOUNT A 150/ 70 x 17 rear on my 09 Stelvio? What happens? Does the tire try to fly off? I'm wanting the quicker turn-in of the NTX set-up.
The stock rear Stelvio wheel is 5.5", the NTX wheel is 4.25" - tires are designed for specific rim widths, and you can go one size down easily, i.e. 180/55 down to 170/60. A 150/70 would NOT bead-up on the rim.

I used to be able to get the NTX wheel here in the US for ~$950, however there was a price re-structuring... and now it's $1550+, however I have ordered a few sets of the new cast aluminum wheels (front and rear) which should be affordable (and arriving in the next 30 days or less). Contact me direct for info.