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  1. Charles Maillet

    Odometer error after battery re-install

    Hi all, new Guzzi owner of a 2007 Breva V1100. I recently removed the battery for a re-charge and when I re-installed it, my lovely Breva went from 23,000 km to 631,000 km. Funny thing is, I don't remember putting on that extra 608,000kms. I've seen a few discussion mentioning this issue but...
  2. X

    Breva 1100 Inmmobiliser Antenna or Dashboard problem DSB 04

    Fff Hello everyone, I hope everybody is doing well 1 month ago I bought a Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 with 500 miles from a friend. With the 2 original keys (I think they are original). And the factory user code was 00000, I changed it to my own code without problem. The motorcycle had the service...
  3. Ernest Megerdechian

    2007 Breva 1100 stopped working

    Hi everyone, before I mention my issue I just wanted to say what kind of a company makes such problematic motorcycle and basically leaves its followers /customers without support. Of the 4 years that I've had my 2007 Breva 1100, I have only had the pleasure of riding it about 200 miles. It's...
  4. J

    Heated Grips Mystery

    Heated grips won't come on. I've been working on my heated grips for a while now and can't figure them out. 2008 Moto Guzzi Norge, looks more like a Breva sport at this point. Factory installed heated grips are not coming on at the dashboard (yes with the engine running and driving) The...
  5. P

    BREVA schematic diagram - new format?

    The big, one-page diagram with all the electrical parts and connections (in PDF format) - is this the only one that exists? I find it difficult to follow connections which have ends at the opposite corners of the sheet. Was thinking: maybe one could redo this diagram. Perhaps a multipage...
  6. NPS

    Breva 1100 Matris Cartridge Fork Installation Report

    Having suffered from a knock from the front forks for some months with no sign of determining the cause, I decided to upgrade to a Matris cartridge kit. Being in the UK I sourced through a local company. My riding weight was taken for spring selection and I waited three weeks before taking...
  7. Benjamin Eley

    2004 Breva 750 LED Turn Signal HELP

    Hi, I recently replaced the OEM turn signals on my Breva with these LED turn signals from AF1. https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idProduct=77187 They are a perfect fit that even have the right plug so they plug right in... But, they are LED so they flash maniac fast, which...
  8. Benjamin Eley

    Suggestions for exhaust for my '04 Breva 750

    Hi guys, I have a 2004 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 and I am looking to put some aftermarket exhaust on it. I've been looking into GPR Exhaust and the Dual Homologated FURORE NERO (BLACK) Slip-on kit caught my eye first. But I noticed they also have a Dual Link Pipe kit (2 to 1) designed for some of...
  9. T

    Right suitcase, luggage, (valise droite)

    Hello, I lost the right suitcase on my Breva V1100. (2006) Do somebody can send me one or two. Do somebody can tell me how to replace them with an other model compatible. Thanks Bonjour, J'ai perdu la valise droite de ma Breva V1100. (2006) Quelqu'un peut-il m'en vendre une ou les deux...
  10. G

    Breva 1100 Oil Cooler

    Given that the oil rarely gets up to temperature during a British winter, should I consider covering the oil cooler on my 2006 Breva 1100 until spring? If so, would you recommend just wrapping kitchen foil round it, or is something else recommended? And would cable ties be OK, or would they...